AVNEWS | Fedex express ordered 30 ATR72-600F with 20 more optional.

Fedex express placed a firm order for 30 ATR 72-600F with 20 more options.
The deal was announced on Wednesday, November 8th. Deliveries should start in 2020.

Render of ATR 72-600F in fedex livery


ATR (Aerei da Trasporto Regionale, or Avions de transport régional) is a manufacturer of regional turboprops based in Toulouse, near the airport of Blagnac - the same place as one of the main Airbus enterprises.
The European aircraft construction concern is co-owner of ATR - half (exactly 50%) with the Italian technological giant Leonardo.
ATR 72 - the basis of the model range of the manufacturer: a 70-seat regional aircraft, which received the most attractive economic parameters in the 2010s, the vast majority of orders between 60 to 90 seats, where it currently only confronts the Canadian Bombardier Q400.


Version 72-600 is the marketing designation of the aircraft with engines Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127M and some cosmetic changes, launched in 2007. FedEx Express is the launch customer, and these aircraft will be the first new ATRs delivered directly from the manufacturer in the transport configuration.
All used so far - and only FedEx has 21 units of the same model of the previous generation and another 26 shorter ATR 42-300F / -320F - are converted passenger ones.
ATR 72-600F will receive a windowless fuselage, reinforced floor panels, two cargo doors: a large front and top hinged rear. The capacity of the cabin is 74.6 cubic meters, suitable for both bulk cargoes and for seven standard LD3 containers.


In addition to fully passenger and cargo versions, ATR offers a combined: on October 15, 2015, a certificate was received from EASA on the ATR 72-600 Combi, shown in June of the same year at the Paris Air Show. The aircraft’s first 7 rows of seats are removable, which makes it possible to take on board four containers: the capacity of the cargo compartment will increase by 19 cubic meters, the permissible weight of the additional cargo will be 3 tons. In the middle and back of the fuselage, there will still be seats for 44 people. Partitions that convert the car back to fully passenger, can be installed back in a few hours.
The first user was the airline from Papua New Guinea PNG Air, which ordered eight aircraft - six of which have already been received by the moment.
Do not lag behind and Bombardier: Combi version for the Q400 is supplied by the Japanese Ryukyu Air Commuter, operating in Okinawa. With 50 seats in the cabin, these aircraft can take on board an additional 4,082 tons of cargo.

PNG Air’s ATR 72-600 Combi in Toulouse

Ryukyu air commuter’s Bombardier dash Q400 Combi


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sources used

Original article in russian by aeronautica.online
Photo were taken from the original article.
Translated by Alexander Nikitin

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ATR72-600F… intresting I must say.

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Great topic, very informative! I see lots of Fedex ATR-42s where I live. Hopefully I will see these too.

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ATR’s are the lesser known planes in the FedEx fleet, great thing your shining a light on them !

Does FedEx already have Atr-72s or are they Atr-42s? Or both?

They have both as far as I know.

Such a lovely aircraft. Hope to see it in IF one day.

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