AVNEWS | Delta is planning a big narrow-body order. And it isn't just big...

Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta, the second largest airline in the world (number of passengers transported in 2016) in the US and the world of the carrier, announced that the choice of supplier to upgrade the narrow-body fleet will be made within the next 6 … 12 months.

The main race of Airbus and Boeing.

Speaking at a press briefing at the Atlanta headquarters in Atlanta, Bastian said the airline is in “active discussions” with Airbus and Boeing about a significant order.
Delta Air Lines (DL) - the only major player in the US aviation market, has not yet chosen narrow-bodied aircraft of the next generation. Now the decision about which particular manufacturer will deliver their cars to the carrier is considered the largest and most welcome contract in the industry for the next few years.

The size of the prize.

We are talking about the replacement of narrow-bodied aircraft of three manufacturers (as of October 2017):

  • 65 Airbus A320 units with an average age of 22.4 years,
  • 113 Boeing 757-200 units with an average age of 21.1 years and
  • 65 units of McDonnell Douglas MD-90 age 20.7 years.
    The oldest part, 113 McDonnell Douglas MD-88 aircraft, which are already 27.4 years old on average, will be replaced by cars supplied under current orders.

Fleet of Airbus a320-200 was received after the absorption of his Skyteam alliance partner Northwest Airlines in 2008, which was one of the key clients of European manufacturer in the United States. Now the average age of these aircraft is more than 22 years, which gives quite a bit of time for replace it. at the same time to absorption Delta never used single aisle Airbuses. However, apparently, the operation of the family in the company were satisfied, and placed orders total at 112 Airbus a321ceo

huge Park Boeing 757-200 is made of the ones ordered by Delta themselves to which in 2008, after absorption of northwest Airlines, 40 more units were added. This is very popular at the end of 20 century among American carriers model, LLC morally a: Boeing 757 is not possible to achieve a modern speed turnover in airports. therefore, manufacturer just shut the entire line, offering on the replacement of the most long options family 737, inferior and in the range of flight, and in the capacity of passenger compartment. today closest to the desired to replace Boeing 757 indicators was Airbus with his a321neo: for example, American Airlines chose it to update their 757 fleet

Delta air lines was one of the key clients mcdonnell douglas, and model md-90-30 developed taking into account the requirements of Airlines. and the first copies of what’s new in 1995, done it is in its fleet. now from 116 built machines md-90-30 all Delta operates 65, but considering their age passed 20 years, in the near future they would need to be replaced. Modern market has a rich offer in this niche: in addition to considered the carrier Airbus with its a320neo and Boeing with max 8, here are the Russian irkut mc-21-300 and Chinese comac c919.

misfire before the start

American aviation community there is the belief that the Delta as the client is lost for Boeing - after loud trial in the US courts with the Canadian manufacturer Bombardier, which was accused in damping in their contract with delta, where Delta inherited 75 CS100 at the average price of about 20 million US dollars apiece. as a result of product of Canada were imposed compensation fine and import duties, their total amount was 300%. airline confirmed their interest in purchasing, but not to pay extra refused, meaning it is fully shifting on the bombardier. likely solution question appeared on Monday, October 16: derived in a separate society project cseries was almost given Airbus, which is able to collect aircraft for American users (implied, mainly Delta) at its production facilities in the state of Alabama. this Bombardier displays his contract with the carrier from under the impact of court sanctions, but also in fact loses its last breakthrough development.

free advertising layout Bombardier cs100 Airlines Delta air lines. to deal between Bombardier and Airbus the fate of the contract seemed very Misty

Swiss enterprise Lufthansa group, airline Swiss international air lines - the first user Bombardier cseries and is the only the operator cs100

Money is more important than emotions

Ed Bastian publicly rejected the idea that max from the Boeing known to lose neo from Airbus because of the war, principles. he confirmed that “puzzled” position of the American manufacturer, but emotions will not be allowed to affect the decisions of which depends business.

whether this position is a reflection of real sentiment - or it is only cover for trade with Airbus? it possible to do to get 243 (on the number of subject to change) aircraft in the short up to three-five years dates - after all manufacturers there are other contracts, and Assembly line can not accelerate infinitely? or airline share order between the two suppliers? Delta promises to clarify the situation is not later next fall.

Boeing has already received pre-orders for 240 aircraft 737 MAX 10 (not yet built a single copy) from 10 companies, and there is a possibility that Delta is also very interested in this option - along with the basic MAX 8

However, the Airbus A321neo is a real favorite of the market in the niche of large narrow-body aircraft, therefore the positions of the European manufacturer look preferable.
But popularity may be a disadvantage: Delta requires the supply of a huge number of machines, and whether Airbus will be able to offer a suitable schedule, and then it and keep it, is still a big question.

Which type airplane will receive the biggest order?

  • Airbus A321 NEO
  • Boeing 737-8 MAX
  • Boeing 737-10 MAX
  • Bombardier CS100
  • Irkut MS21 & comac C919
  • I will let this to other aviation industry experts

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Sources used

Based on an article from aeronautical.online
Photos were taken from the original article
Translated by Alexander Nikitin

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Boeing has 6 months to come up with a modern replacement for the 757 is they want any part in this.


Their best bet for a narrow-body long range aircraft for now is the a321 Neo. That’s what I think, anyway…

If only boeing went with the 787-3 they’d win the MOM competition.

Delta has already ordered the CSseries and are committed to taking them. Since the whole Airbus and Bombardier deal last month, Delta will be avoiding the tariffs since the aircraft are going to be built in the states.

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The A321Neo must have a great chance here - many airlines are skipping the A320 and going straight to the A321s. Nice (sort of) 757 replacement too.
A 200 seat Max 9 would be a nice compliment. I can’t see this being a winner takes all - they know full well they can squeeze Boeing on the price because of the Bombardier stuff.
I’d definitely be using that as leverage.

Tough one. It’s hard for me to see big American airlines break away from the Boeing’s but it’s been done by Delta in the past. They already have C-Series so small capacity is not the issue, therefore it’s going down to seat numbers, CPS and pricing.

I can see the 737-10MAX edging the A321 on seating, but I think Airbus can get a better deal, and more importantly get those aircraft off the production line faster than Boeing can. It could go either way.

Although I’m not a fan of Airbus, I think the obvious choice here is the A320neo series across the the board. I expect a large order of A320neos to replace the MD-90s and A320ceos, and an order of A321neos to replace the 757s. They might even convert some of their A321ceo orders to neo.

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developing the max 10 itself is a challenge as the 737-900 was prone to tail-strike…thanks to the unchanged low-body design of the 737 family…i dont see many airlines opting to go for 737-10…its difficult to perform under full load and short runway…where as the A321 is the surprise player here as it has higher ground clearance and can be clear of tail-strike with a longer body…

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For me the a321neo is the Best choice, its closer to the 757 than the 737-10max. But that is Just my opinion

Both Airbus and Boeing have thousands of planes on order that need to be delivered for the Max/Neo so I don’t think that will be something they consider.

I’d say the difference here is Airbus are (slightly) ahead when it comes to A320neo/737MAX development. There isn’t a 737MAX-10 in existence yet, but the A321neo is in full production.

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Agreed. They could replace the MD-80s with Bombardier CS100 series

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