AVITAB for all planes

If you fly on certain planes in IF you see there is a little ipad of sorts on the left of the flight deck. In X-Plane 11 there is a plugin for a ipad of sorts that works somewhat as fore flight with less benefits. In infinite flight the AVITAB would have airport charts with your plane moving in real time so you know where you are and not have to go into an outside camera mode. You can find flight plans and airport NOTAMS. It would add a lot of realism to the sim

I mean that’s why we have a map it would definitely be a awesome feature

Isn’t Foreflight made for this?
It’d still be a great addition for IF and I see some use in it.

It would be cool, but also would be a lot of work for Laura, to work on (aka fun), and also we would need access to charts, which would be extremely difficult to access.

Also for those who don’t understand, this:


The map should tell us where we are in the airport! I zoom all the way in on X-Plane and i see the taxiways!

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Exactly. Foreflight is the AVITAB but foreflight is like $400 a year for the premium features.

That’s the problem with ForeFlight.
It’s not even available to Android users.

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Yes. Foreflight on infinite flight will be revolutionary

If ForeFlight costs $400 per year, there’s probably a reason. They need to maintain their backend, as well as purchase and maintain charts for all their airports.

Even if Infinite Flight could implement this, it would probably run up a similar cost for all of us subscribers.


Indeed it is, but I don’t think paying more than $300 just for a small feature in the game would be favoured by anyone.

Ya. It would not be foreflight though. It would be something similar however it would not have a live world map. Only airport charts.

I’m not like Bill Gates, able to afford anything.


I think we could just Navigraph Charts then?
It’s basically just Airport Charts, but a lot cheaper.

Yes. Exactly!

We sure we are not turning into X-Plane 11 Mobile?

Yes. The AVITAB will only help the realism of the sim

There’s a big difference between IF and Xplane Mobile. If you want full realism, no scenery, and Single Player, go to Xplane. If you want almost-full-realism, HD scenery, and Multiplayer, go to IF. There’s so much of a difference between the two that I don’t even know why they’re still being compared to each other.

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Yes. I’ve played both and the only thing Xplane mobile has going for it’s self is 3d buildings and working lights. IF is way better.

Tbh I’m actually down to see an AVITAB in IF similar to the one on the Zibo 737 for XP11. Instead of just being an airport chart, we could have the ability to change weight and balance, open doors etc. from the AVITAB like on the zibo. This has my vote.

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Bruh, that was literally a joke. You don’t need to tell me. Stop writing paragraphs just for a joke.

Guys, don’t turn this into a X-Plane vs Infinite Flight topic. This is about AVITAB. I believe aircraft in real life have AVITAB / IPad in the cockpit to help the pilot with charts and stuff like that. Such a small little feature can make a difference. I don’t think this is like XPlane at all as they’re just following realism like we are.

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