Avior Airbus A340-300

Avior recently bought several a340-300, the reason this planes are very important is because with all of the struggles aviation is having on Venezuela Avior decided to invest on this country. for other countries an a340 is just an old plane, for us venezuelans this is the biggest plane on our country


I thought they changed the cockpit windows until I realized it’s just paint. Cool sunglasses!


A little too much mascara on that livery.


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In my opinion, that “makeup” looks really cool. Makes it look like an aircraft from a spy movie like 007 or something. Especially the red coloring and the name of the airline. 😎

Would love to fly this livery!


Looks great! Nice that this airline still growing despite the crisis. They also fly to Tocumen😀

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Doesnt Conviasa have B747s?

Yes, they have 1, leased from Wamos Air.

Well the crew on that 747 is Wamos Air so that plane basically doesn’t have anything Venezuelan jus the name Conviasa

It’s an Amazing livery! I love the cockpit and paint and it would be great to have it in infinite flight

Sadly it’s a fake picture since they are still painting the plane, but yeah I really want that plane on IF :)

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Very nice fake picture.


Wait really? oops… :/

I agree :/

Looks very real though 😱

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Me too. Nice sunglasses

Nice! Like the cockpit Windows decals. 🙂👍

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Looks very nice! But an A340… Meh.

A350 and A340 combined!

Maybe there’s an A350 behind the mask? Just a disguised 787… Hmm. Maybe Airbus figured the A350-1100 (yes as usual Airbus will stick around on the same model) would be like a tail dragging A340-200?

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