Avions de Transport regional ATR-42 series

One more awesome turboprop for infinite flight. The only 50-seater turboprop in production. Based on the ATR-72 with 70 pax capacity, the ATR-42 shares similar technology but has better runway performance. The version currently in production is the ATR-42.
Why do I make this topic/suggestion?
We need more turboprops.
Feel free to comment and vote!

An Air France(HOP!) ATR-42
Credits in link: http://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/835797/f-gypd-air-france-hop-atr-42-all-models/

Maybe a picture? :P
Kinda have no idea what youre requesting

We need more GA more than we need more turbo props

we need more quality and rework of all planes before new ones!

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I am out of votes but we do miss turboprops and even more regional crafts in general!
A nice missing plane in IF indeed

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