Avions de transport régional (ATR) 42-500

In addition to the upcoming Dash 8 Q400, another turbopropeller plane I suggest adding is the ATR 42-500.
First delivery was in October 1995, it has an increased take off weight when compared to its predecessors, allowing for more cargo and fuel for a range of 1500NM (2778km).
Its engines are two PW127E rotating two six bladed propellers.

Some of its users include:

Lufthansa Regional.
Ohana by Hawaiian.
Blue Island.
PIA Pakistan International Airways.
Air France.
CSA Czech Airlines.
Air Antilles Express.
Air Guyane.
Air Calédonie.
Air Saint-Pierre.
Nordstar Airlines.

I searched, there are no topics on Features requesting the ATR 42-500.

  1. https://www.planespotters.net/airline/Ohana

Great idea! We could also include aeromar livery

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And many others.

Air Antilles Express
Air Guyane
Air Calédonie
Air Saint-Pierre

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Nordstar airlines