Avionics, ILS not working for me


I’ll try to make this short. Having watched the tutorials on the IF YouTube, and attempting to recreate them (admittedly with different areas and airports) I cannot get any part of the system to function. At all.

The only aircraft that even appears to allow me to connect to the ILS signal at any airport is the Cirrus that comes free with IF. All other aircraft will not connect whatsoever.

Once the Cirrus is connected (the avionics give me a maximum connection range of about 5nm) setting the autopilot to the NAV setting I’ve connected it to causes the aircraft to point straight at the airport. Not the runway I’m connected to, but the actual airport blob on the map. I’ve watched the tutorial multiple times, and cannot for the life of me figure out what is wrong.

Is this because I am flying solo and not online? Otherwise what am I doing wrong?

Once again, the free Cirrus is the ONLY aircraft I can use that gives me the option to set a runway to one of my NAVs. Not even the Cessna in which the tutorial is done will work.

Which airports? The airport has to be ILS equipped (red cones) for it to work.

Edit: Can you confirm that NAV1 is set in the systems menu?


Are you watching the most up to date tutorials? Many are outdated and the ILS system has changed quite a bit recently.

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This is part of the issue. There’s very few airports that seem to allow ILS at all, on nearly every airport the option to set NAV1 and NAV2 are blanked out and cannot be used at all. However, I can confirm that the NAV is set to the runway I want (indicated on the map, in runway info for the airport I’m going to) when I’m trying to use it.

Going back to which planes work; this is a very strange part of the issue. The YouTube tutorial on using ILS and navigation demonstrates it all in the Cessna 172. I cannot use it at all in that aircraft. An airport that allows the Cirrus to connect is still blanked out for me on the Cessna. I’ve reinstalled the app and made sure it’s updated to try and nullify any possible glitch on my end and hopefully that’ll fix this.

Can you show me what you mean by ‘red cones’? Can they be seen on the map?

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I am watching the tutorials available on the IF YouTube channel - the ‘Navigating Infinite Flight’ video is the one I am working from. It features the new glass cockpits and suchlike in the video and is the most recent upload.

Is this channel not a good source of information?

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Yes it is good, just checking.

Take KSFO for example, runway 28L has a red ILS cone and it can be tuned in NAV1 by pressing the airport, clicking the show info button, clicking runways and setting NAV1. The opposite end of the same runway, 10R, does not have an ILS cone (grey) and cannot be tuned.

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Thank you for that!

I’ll quickly go and give it a try.

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Ah, I think I see the confusion.

Lots of airports have a VOR on top of it. When you tried to tune to the airport, you accidentally clicked that VOR and set it to NAV1. This is not the ILS, instead it directed your plane direct to that waypoint.

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The aircraft still just heads in a straight line towards the runway, but then I guess you’re not intended fly the whole journey on AP with the NAV set to the runway?

It is now at least allowing me to set the ILS, and it does get me down on the runway, but unless I’m already lined up it causes some… questionable landing parameters.

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I wasn’t aware that waypoints could be locked into the NAV system. I clearly need to do more research and such into this. Thanks again for the help!

If I might ask, have you got any links to good sources so I can learn to use this part of IF a little better? Or is the video tutorial still a good way to learn?

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The aircraft you mention do not have APPR-autoland. You have to fly them either by adjusting ap (vs, hdg etc) or handfly

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Correct, the ILS is only meant to guide you, you have to hand fly it still.
Unless you use APPR (autoland) which is only available on selection of more recent aircraft:

A320 family
A330 family
A350 family
B737 family
B777 family
B787 family

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As a guide, it’s very hands-on. While it was active, I could only control aircraft pitch unless I turned it off again. This is how the ILS works, correct?

Sorry for being so naive about this. I know how to handful but I can’t use avionics to save my life 😂

The aircraft can follow the localiser with NAV1 (sort of) but not the glideslope without APPR. I would recommend just disconnecting the AP altogether and follow your instruments.

Alright. Thank you for the help!

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The ILS provides the guidance together with the airplane systems via the indications on the Primary Flight Display (PFD). See “Glideslope” and “Localiser” in the PFD section of the topic below

You can either follow that manually or via APPR. If you wish to fly manually just disconnect the autopilot completely and stick to the indications on the PFD (while getting more and more visual with the runway while getting closer).


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