Avionics Control Panel Explained

Infinite Flight didn’t get more confusing, it got more realistic!


Oh when should you tune into ILS RNW?

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How does the CRS affect nav?

Course (CRS) will affect NAV in the following way.

Say you have the Honolulu VOR dialed in. The VOR identifier is HNL.

  • You have HNL dialed in under NAV1. If you double tap CRS1 it will center up your Course Deviation Indicator (CDI). This is the green line with the arrow that will sway left or right of course.

  • Why is double tapping on CRS a thing? Well, double tapping this will center up the CDI and the arrow will point you in the direction of the VOR. You can now go direct to the VOR from your present position.

You can manually steer the plane to the course, or you can select Source NAV1 and then click on NAV in the Autopilot menu, and the aircraft will automatically turn towards and track this course inbound to the VOR.


If we can’t tune into the GPS, what do we do on GPS approaches?


Select the destination airport. Click runways and choose the runway of your choice to setup nav 1 for ILS approach. This is awesome, much more realistic!

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This was something that was talked about during the testing. GPS approaches are converted into now visual approaches… kind of. If the airport supports waypoints, meaning there are waypoints along the approach course, click on a few waypoints that will align you with the runway. We no longer have vertical guidance with GPS approaches. ILS approaches will be guiding you down to the runway now.

This is more realistic because in order to fly a GPS approach you’d actually have to tune in the approach into your GPS unit. GPS approaches don’t magically tune in themselves when flying in the real world. Maybe in future updates this will be reevaluated, but in the meantime, GPS approaches = Visual approaches.

Note: Because of this, do not report an airport in sight if you’re flying a visual approach. Only report “field in sight” if ATC clears you for the visual approach. The procedures for the GPS approach will be similar in terms foundational flying skill to a visual approach but is not the same.


Will the VOR’s or NDB’s affect the Flight plan in Any Way ?

if they are just in your flight plan, they won’t affect anything and will act as normal waypoints. They can only affect your FPL if you are using VOR/NDB navigation


Exactly right! They can only affect your FPL if you’re suing them for navigation purposes.


What’s the point of APPR mode now if you can tune an ILS frequency into your NAV1? Also when I try to fly and approach by the ILS frequency I have tuned in, it doesn’t correctly like me up with a runway at all


you taught me something ;)


@Esaacc999 i’ve experienced the same thing. Maybe NAV1 is only meant to be used in VOR/NDB navigation? though I am not too sure

Yes that’s what I thought at first but the tutorials say to use NAV1 for ILS approaches too. But maybe you have to tune it to be able to use APPR mode? Idk


yeh the video uses NAV1 in the 172. Idek about APPR tbh i’ll need to test out how that works.

The best piece of advice I can give is, spend some time and just play with it. Solo mode will be extremely useful for this as you can rewind back 20 seconds multiple times and attempt it more than once.

I know some folks don’t care for Solo mode. I understand that, but this is one of those things that you want to figure out on Solo mode trying different things before using it on live.


I’ve figured it out. Thanks!


Hallelujah! Let us know if you have any other questions.


can you clear a Nav1 or Nav2 or ADF1? haven’t found an option to do that yet as I look around…

no I’m talking about the VORs you set to NAV1/NAV2… can you clear them @DimitriB