Avionics Control Panel Explained

Woah, so wait, now I can do this arrival? by tuning into the VOR and setting my course in Nav?
Does the D in D15 JSV Mean Distance 15? and what is HGV?


@Philippe_Gilbert sorry, you really don’t have to do this to know the distance, the distance you are from a VOR appears where ILS was before.

HGV is a second VOR that you should use to make this arrival, it does not appear on the chart because it is far from the airport, so only the name and frequency appearing. Yes, D15 is 15NM of distance.

We currently do not depict round lines on the map. Everything that you will find will have a straight line. With that said, it is still possible to fly approaches that have an ARC or turn on the approach like that.

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Can we get a visual example of these features in use for a more clear understanding? :

By this I mean a YouTube Video

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Have you checked to see if this may cover any of your questions first?


Yes, I have… :)

I tried to tune into an ils, and it just turned me away, what did i do wrong?

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There is a 27nm range so if you are too far away, you won’t be able to tune into the ILS

No, i tuned in, set it to Nav 1, set the airplane to Nav 1, and it shot me away

Was your BRG also set to NAV1?

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Its best to get the aircraft lined up by hand on the ILS then activate the autopilot to follow the ILS. Makes for a more stable approach and would reduce any errors that you may be experiencing.


Yes, i did that, but as soon as i set it to Nav 1, my airplane made a hard left

Did you tune into the correct runway? Idk if you were approaching an airport with another runway that could be parallel.


NAV1 is usually used for VOR/NDB navigation. I’d recommend using GPS to localizer intercept and if you want you can engage APPR or fly manually using the glide slope and centreline indicators from there

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Oh, yeah! i forgot about appr mode, so i did the Nav, problem resolved!

Thanks @DeerCrusher @DimitriB

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I still have 1 question, if you have gps, whats the use of Nav1, Nav2, ect?

Like I’ve told others, if you’re not already, I would highly, highly suggest playing around with this on Solo mode. You can rewind 20 seconds multiple times and reattempt the approach without spending too much time setting up for an approach. Helps instill “buttonology”. The study of button placement and how they work.


We have some folks who utilize this to help stay current in their knowledge when in pilot training IRL. With NAV 1, NAV 2 folks are able to learn how to track a VOR, fly VOR approach, Find a waypoint by a means of tuning into two VOR’s and using distance from those two VOR’s to find a fix.

19.4 will be most beneficial to those folks who are real world pilots or in the process of becoming one as they will find this VOR stuff very attractive. The real world application in this update took the realism level to something the mobile flight sim community never saw coming.


I have read through several times but, it would be good to actually see it in application and small learnable bits for those not in aviation. I do like the challenge of learning presented by infinite flight