Avient Aviation MD11

Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avient_Aviation_Flight_324
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I really love the livery of this aircraft, it’s unique .
Category: cargo.

The livery looks alright except for the red highlights. It’s good the fuselage isn’t fully plain. The aircraft in that picture crashed 8 days after it was delivered :(

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Just so that you guys know, Avient Aviation is a Cargo Airline based in Harare Zimbabwe. It operates a fleet of 3 MD11’s and 1 DC-10-30. Over time this airline only had one accident, and it’s the only one I can see from my research from the feature request I made before this one. This airline has 12 different destinations. In the picture that is shown above, the red nose cone isn’t on all planes. If you loom at google images when you search this airline, you will see what I mean. Nice feature request! But please add more information in future. 😉


Looks very nice! It would look awesome with the new rendering!

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Another nice African livery. The red stuff is not part of Avient’s livery :)

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Oh really? I’d love a Zimbabwean MD-11!

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Yeah! I’d love for this to happen!

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To be honest, there are better looking liveries around in my opinion…

A Zimbabwean MD-11 sounds interesting tho :)

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