Aviators Hub YT’s ATC Tracking Thread - [ClOSED] @N/A [Passed Written]

Hello everyone,

I’m having a goal of becoming an IFATC and I would really appreciate you taking your time to do some patterns around the airport!

Available Runways:

27L and 27R


Closed 🔴





Thank you in advance!


Can’t join today, but make sure to tag me the next time you open 👌🏼

TIP: Try opening less busy airports so you can avoid some noob people trying to make your job harder when you’re just trying to improve

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Same, I cant do it now but maybe weekend? Pm me if you would like to do training on ATC.

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Thank you José!

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Thank you for stopping by @Suhas!

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Howdy, thanks for the service! Your controlling is looking sweet, but there were a few small issues. I’ve included time stamps as well, so that you can go back and reference them in your replay.

  • [16:49:25] A better suited transition altitude for LFPG would be 3000 feet instead of 2500 feet. The airport elevation is 392 feet MSL, and the formula for transition altitude is 2500ft AAL rounded to the nearest 500. 2892 rounds up to 3000.
  • [16:50:50] Nice pattern entry, but instead of putting me on an inner runway (08L), it would have been more efficient to place me on 08R- the outermost runway- so that I wouldn’t interfere with departing traffic such as Athos 522, the TBM I had a close call with.
  • [16:59:13] Every time you issue a clearance for a pattern aircraft on a new runway, you must give them a traffic direction afterwards. You did this correctly when I called inbound after my transition, but you missed it here. I should’ve been cleared and then told to make right traffic after the option. Additionally, this clearance could have been earlier.
  • [17:05:54] Same issue. Perfect pattern entry for my runway change, but I didn’t receive a traffic direction in my clearance. I should’ve been cleared and then told to make left traffic after the option.
  • [17:08:17] Late runway exit, 17 knots. The ideal exit in this scenario would’ve been timely and would have included a crossing clearance for 09R, as there was no traffic inbound/outbound. This also would’ve eliminated the need for me to request permission to cross runway 09R afterwards, and increased efficiency.

If you have any other questions, do let me know. Everything else was spot on. Keep up the great work! I look forward to see you join IFATC.

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Thank you so much for your feedback! Really appreciate it!

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I can train with you on the weekend. Ive got more time then.

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Thanks for the offer but my recruiter will be assigning a trainer. Thanks

Okay good luck!

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@Suhas , @InfiniteFlight_Shots , @anon21619658

Thank you for stopping by @Lufthi456!

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Sorry, I’m going to eat now 😬

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Let me know if you want to join in later! 🙂

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Thank you for stopping by @FrancescoM!

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@George_Korkos quite weird to request taxi to another runway after landing haha

Thanks for the service @9to5Gamer. I’ll write you the feedback in PM.

Have a good one!

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Sure thing! It would be appreciated!

I requested taxi to the runway to depart again. Doing out and backs…

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@InfiniteFlight_Shots @anon21619658 @Suhas @FrancescoM NOW OPEN in OMDB