AviatorMan's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [OFFICIALLY IFATC]

@American1345_Super 's Tracking Thread

Hey, welcome to my tracking thread - thanks for stopping by. I am currently an IFATC Trainee (PASSED WRITTEN) who is doing internal ATC sessions to train for my practical. Thus, I am using this old tracking thread to open up at any airport for users on the training server to stop by at - for the time being until I pass my practical.

Anyways, I am also the CEO of my VA, meaning I will not always be around to control, this is a side job I have besides my VA. I usually will try to find smaller 3D airports, avoiding larger ones due to the trolls & inexperienced pilots that won’t follow pattern work, or just completely disregard me. I try to keep the airport as mature as possible, so please listen to my instructions if I am controlling at your airport.

One more thing, if I inform you to “descend to pattern altitude” this means:
(1) If you are a prop aircraft descend and maintain 1000ft AAL
(2) If you are a jet aircraft descend and maintain 1500ft AAL


ATIS/Airport Info
Landing Runways: 25R & 25L
Departing Runways: 25R & 25L
Pattern Work: ALLOWED
Weather Status: Okay
American’s Frequencies: Ground & Tower
Pattern Altitude (All Airports): PROPS: (1,000ft AAL) JETS: (1,500 AAL)
Extra Notes: IFATC users will be doing training with me (pattern work). Please be mindful of those aircraft if you are planning on departing or arriving.

Please note I will keep track of usernames who do not listen or deliberately violate my ATC instructions.

Thank you for viewing this thread, and please for the sake of realism read my Airport Info/ATIS for all of you. I am not doing this to be annoying, but simply maintain realism and maturity at the airport like it is on the Expert Server. I am here to make sure you have the best/safest flight possible for you - and by implementing these ATIS/Airport Info tables, I assure you, real airports do not have pilots that disregard ATC, and have ATIS and ATC for a reason. These ATIS/Airport Info are very important and necessary to a successful and realistic flight - trolling, or any form of trolling/immature behavior will not be tolerated. Thank you, and have a nice day.

You should open an airport that you can do patterns at. And maybe just a tad less busy because a lot of those people at big airports like that don’t listen. Just a suggestion :)!

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Very much agree!
KJFK right now is a bloody nightmare

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Yeah, haha. I am trying to enforce realism. So I will try my best to maintain no pattern work.


I would recommend you control at KABQ, it has a decent flow of traffic depending on the hour and its medium sized airport!

I will maybe do EGPH later, or another small 3D airport.

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Sounds good

I would honestly suggest, stay away from the 3D airports and the bigger airports as these tend to attract more unprofessional traffic (aka, trolls). In any case, when you first join IFATC you won’t be able to control most of these bigger airports until you’re promoted to the Specialist rank.

Go for smaller regional airports or airports in low-traffic regions, with parallel runways, as those will be the most likely conditions for your initial IFATC practical test.


Yes I can agree, but on Training Server it is just so boring. If I was controlling on Expert I would definitely go to some non-3D airports. However, on Training, it is not as easy. I will definitely try some smaller airports later, but for now I am at LFPG.

I can’t select preferred Departure, Arrival, or Approach procedures on Training Server? Or is there a way I do not know of?

Nope, that’s only possible on Expert where you have ATIS control. Then you can select your preferred SIDs and STARs, in collaboration with Radar controllers.

By the way, I was VT-SOO, and requested a transition through your airspace and you didn’t respond. Was waiting for you to clear me - and when you didn’t I exited the session.

Also, if you’re working towards IFATC I would highly suggest practicing your pattern work controlling skills - since that’s what your initial test is gonna be all about. When you’re opening up next time, tag me and I’ll fly at your airport if I’m free :)

@CaptainSooraj I was not sure at the moment of what you were doing with your aircraft. You were flying dangerously low above the airport itself. I would not request for a transition while preforming a dangerous flyover of the airport.

I did see you, however I had encountered so many trolls, I assumed you were on based on your heading. The transition altitude was 3000ft. However, I don’t think it is realistic in that scenario to takeoff at the nearest airport (in an A320-200) and fly straight into an international airport. You were just above 1,100ft MSL and descending into the airport (terminals). You were no where near any runways, and you were doing 180kts making me think you were a troll attempting to land anywhere on the airport property.

So, I would recommend next time if you were testing me, not to attempt dangerous maneuvers making yourself look like a troll (I obviously don’t think you are but in that situation I was worrying about getting an Air Portugal aircraft on the runway so I did not check your IFC username). Especially since this scenario would almost never occur on Expert Server - which you were trying to test me on. What you did was not realistic, nor credible in terms of you calling me out. I will be controlling at EGPH later (30 mins), so if you really want to test me, conduct a realistic flight and contact me on the Tower frequency (assuming there is no Approach). Please enter the pattern (downwinds/bases) when you enter the airspace this time, and do not fly directly through the airport.

If you check my profile, I have done 949 ATC Operations, so I think I got pattern work down.

Everyone, I will be controlling at Paro, for any of you out there that want a challenge tonight.

I suggest controlling airports such as ETSI, RJBB, PGUA, mainly airports with parallel runways, and I’m 99.99% sure that if somebody from this tracking thread stops by we will listen to every command you give us right or wrong, it’s all part of the learning process, and nice job on your tracking thread it looks stunning!

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I am now open at NZAA if @CaptainSooraj , @Will_A , or anyone else who is experienced would like to join so I can test my ATC skills.

@Tre_Dior can you rate my ATC. Since you just landed at NZAA. Feedback would be amazing.

I am Coming!

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Transition alt in real life seems a bit high (13k feet). Just wanted to let you know.

Do not Follow Real Life when doing sessions

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Oh ok so it should be around 2,500 - 3,000