AviatorJackYT's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I’m sorry @Aaron.C at the end I tried to get the Cub to exit the runway I kinda took my chances and hope he would stop before the taxiway so I do apologize. Thanks everyone for coming out!

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Your fine… Thanks for coming! 😀

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Fun fact, now it’s @Lil_Qaz who’s using the airport.

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Ye I noticed now on Live Flight

It seems like a nice airport to be at. Did you still want to use it?

That’s enough controlling for one day but I will be back tomorrow maybe recommend some airports for me to control. 😀

You should try NTAA it’s great. If anyone wants to come back I am happy to provide atc services : )

Sorry, I didn’t see the dash-8 restriction. I was in an A-318

Not a problem I was about to say too you that the aircraft was too large but i left it off

All good no worries! Only word of caution is to watch out when you say I’ll call your base.

First if you sequence aircraft you don’t need to worry about calling people’s bases. You can let the pilot figure out the spacing. Using I’ll call your base should be used for squeezing out a departure.

Also caution about the terrain. If you had waited another few seconds I would have crashed into a mountain ;) so just keep an eye out for that. I prefer blue skies rather than a mountain side.

Other than that good job!

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Ohhh I’m sorry about that you should’ve turned or RIP. If that happens again you should turn to avoid it I’m sorry again

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No worries, it’s all about the practice!

And nahhh I wanted you to see what could happen 🤷🏼‍♂️ That’s how I figured it out when I directed someone right into the side of a mountain 😂 never making that mistake again.

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Hey could you please control KRDU? It has 3 runways, one very small one for G.A. aircraft, ad 2 longer ones that are parallel. It’s my home airport And would be cool if you could do it!

Ahhaha 😂😂😂.

No, I don’t want. I’m gonna use an another airport soon

I will consider it for tomorrow as it’s getting late in Europe. If I controlled now I would probably direct someone into a mountain like I did with @Aaron.C 😂

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Good Morning Everyone!

Both Ground and Tower are now opened at KEYW. Come along and do some pattern work and maybe give some feedback on my controlling afterwards!

Coming shortly! Give me around 10 minuets to finish of some work and I will be there for you.

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Ok thanks!

I’m coming!

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