AviatorJackYT’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello Guys and welcome to my ATC tracking thread I will be controlling at least once a day so watch out for when I am active.

Why did I make this thread?

I made this thread to improve on my ATC skills especially controlling pattern work and controlling in a busy airspace I hope to become part of IFATC in the next few months once I am 100% prepared and ready.

What am I looking for?

After each session if people can give me feedback on things I could improve on or tweak a little bit that would be excellent and if someone could give me some ideas for airports to control at that would be great too.

I had to make a new Tracking Thread due to edit limited exceeded on my old one


ATC open at EGPF for some patterns 😀✈️

No trolls please, Please file a fpl if heading elsewhere and if your flying patterns please request takeoff “Remaining in the pattern” so it makes it easier for me

Yeah I’ll swing by for a few circuits.

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Sorry. I have to go now. Something popped up. ~ N513MN

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Hey nice ATC! It’s good to see that you noticed I turned for a short base when you cleared someone for takeoff and Made sure there was no conflict with being aware of where I was. The only thing is a sequence you gave me to follow the traffic on final when the only traffic on final was flying over the numbers. Overall good job!

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Thanks for coming i appreciate it busy crowd today and i didnt expect you to make such short patterns so i cleared an aircraft for departure then all of a sudden you were on final 🤣 Thanks again ✈

Haha yeah I did that on purpose to see if you were aware of your surroundings and you were and did a good job to separate me and that Airbus in the pattern as well as the aircraft about to takeoff.

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Glasgow Ground and Tower is now closed , Good Day!

That was a bit hectic (for me anyway). Thanks to all who came and made my job a bit harder. 😀✈️

ATC open at WADD for some pattern work. Usual rules apply. See you there ✈😀

Still open guys expecting a decent crowd like earlier 😀

Closed due to no traffic

@aviator jack are you going to do some pattern work today if so could you do it in an Irish airport

ATC open at TNCM for some patterns. Usual rules apply. See you there! 😀

Closed due to something popping up

Open at GMMN for some patterns. Usual rules apply. See you there 😀

I’m coming in a Tbm callsign FLY

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Sorry guys there was a good few blumps there im sorry about that again

Quite good! Apart from the fact that you cleared me to land instead of clearing me for the option on my third pattern, but who am I to judge? I’m terrible at controlling.(sorry for my potato WiFi, that was why I kept disconnecting)

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Casablanca Ground & Tower is now closed, Good day

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Overall good controling particularly in keeping me seperated from other aircrafts especially when the seperation was getting close.

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