AviatorJack’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello Guys and welcome to my ATC tracking thread I will be controlling at least once a day so watch out for when I am active.

Why did I make this thread?

I made this thread to improve on my ATC skills especially controlling pattern work and controlling in a busy airspace I hope to become part of IFATC in the next few months once I am 100% prepared and ready.

What am I looking for?

After each session if people can give me feedback on things I could improve on or tweak a little bit that would be excellent and if someone could give me some ideas for airports to control at that would be great too.

I had to make a new Tracking Thread due to edit limited exceeded on my old one


Open at EINN if anyone wants to swing by for some patterns? ✈️


@SB110 expect 06 for departure. Winds changed after that Aerlingus started taxiing 👍

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Shannon TG is now closed, good day ✈

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First of all, thanks so much for the ATC at Shannon!

Oh ok, I was wondering why you would do that.


NEVER clear aircraft for takeoff on opposite ends of a runway. That is a dumb, typical “Training Server” thing to do. I’m glad you told me that, as it is a good excuse. Otherwise, it would’ve ended up on the list of my feedback, which I should probably be getting on to…

*Note this includes things you did well on and then come tips. :)

  • Don’t think I was being dumb. I purposely asked “request frequency change” to make sure you would respond with “you were already instructed to change frequency.” thumbs-up
  • Now this is something I was surprised about. When I requested takeoff, you cleared me for takeoff on a runway where the closest entry to Runway 6 was about halfway down the runway. There is nooo way an A320 can takeoff from about 2,000 feet of runway. Basically, what I’m trying to say is you should have called me for a back taxi. Now, a GA aircraft like the TBM could easily takeoff with that much distance. As an ATC at an airport with back taxi, your job is to justify if a pilot requesting takeoff needs to do a back taxi based on the aircraft being flown. I just took the “cleared for takeoff” and just did the back taxi on my own, and then simply took off.
  • Finally, (and this is really being nit-picky) it’s good to call an aircraft landing to exit the runway after they have gone below 80 kts. You called me about 5 seconds after I touched down.

I can’t think of any other mistakes you made off the top of my head, so overall, you were great! Your "cleared for the option"s were excellent too, which I was really happy about. ;D

Once again, thank you so much for controlling, and good luck. I would like to come again when you’re open some time soon.


Open now at EDDT if anyone is around for some patterns?

Still open! 😀

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Closing in 5

EDDT TG is now closed, Good day ✈

LFBO is open if anyone wants to come down for some patterns?


I’m about 30 minutes away from completing a flight on ES. I’ll come by if you’re still open once I land.

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Ok I’ll see I may be closed by then 😔

I will come around in 5 mins

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@Noah_Allan it wont let me respond to your transition request 🤔

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My call sign was NA24FIN and I was in the TBM-930.

I requested a transition and you didn’t reply to that request.


Oh ok. That was probably because you didn’t respond to my transition request fast enough.

Exit runway:
There was nothing wrong with this but personally I like to give them the request a bit earlier as I was already turning when you gave the request (I know I was a bit fast but you will have those people).

Other than that I couldn’t find anything wrong with the ATC you provided.

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LFBO TG is now closed good day! :)

Thanks for coming , ye I was a bit late as I was responding to other messages as well😀✈️👍


@AviatorJack: I was callsign PK1868. I also rushed into the flight since you mentioned you wouldn’t be there long and forgot to change my aircraft, I meant to spawn in a TBM, not an A350 lol.

I wish I could’ve made it a little earlier and spent more time in your airspace. From what I saw, however, you seemed to have a solid grasp of the fundamentals. @Noah_Allan and I probably would’ve made it interesting for you if we had more time with you simultaneously as I was just about to request a runway change when he beat me to it.

My one point of feedback is in relation to those runway change requests. When @Noah_Allan requested a runway change, you denied it. When I later requested one, you immediately gave me a pattern instruction and a sequencing, which is the textbook response. I was curious as whether you denied Noah’s request because you did not want two planes, especially such different planes as a A350 and a TBM, running pattern work off the same runway. If so, that’s not a good reason to deny it. If anything, having two aircraft with such different speeds offers you an opportunity to practice the art of sequencing and pattern management.

I hope to catch you the next time you’re open. Keep learning. Keep improving. Keep Mastering!

Hi @Bmorera8 thanks for coming! I denied his request as there was a Ryanair 737 departing off the parallel runway and I didn’t want any collisions. Hope you understand 👍

I just went back to replay and saw what you meant. You’re absolutely right. That’s why you’re our eye in the sky.

The main reason I harped on this is because in your IFATC training and exams you will encounter many runway change requests as this is a way for the instructors to gauge your ability to give quick and accurate pattern instructions along with your problem-solving skills.

Great job!

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