AviatorDimitrisYT's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

G’day IFC! In this Tracking Thread, I will informing you on when I am controlling an Airport. Now, (12/11) I will be controlling @EDDM

Come around, I will be active till 2100Z



On my way😊

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Are you reading the ATC manual? I can come later after you read through it

Hello? @AviatorDimitrisYT

Currently doing that

Hello @AviatorDimitrisYThow may i be of assistance

I am currently controlling @EDDM in training. Thanks for offering to help. I will be closing in 6 minutes, but you cannot assist me in any way. Thanks again!

He is an IFATC, you have lots of problem that you have. So free to ask him anything

Hi, Nice to see you.

Here is some problem that you have:

  1. You missed my transition request

  2. Transition was too high

  3. You didn’t give me a correct pattern to EDDM

That’s all my comment 😉, good luck

Ok well feel free to ask me anything and ill help you out the best i can my inbox is always open

Still open?

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