AviatorAlex's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello there! Thank you for stopping by! My name is Alex and I recently applied for IFATC and passed my written exam, and I’m currently looking to practice my ATC skills before taking the practical test. I would appreciate it if you could come and do a few patterns to help me in that. I would also appreciate any feedback, negative or positive.

Status: Closed
Airport: Vienna LOWW
Server: Training
Frequencies: Ground and Tower
Runways in use: 11 and 16
Points of focus: Runway changes


Coming in now!

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Thank you for the service. I have some feedback and advice for you.


(See below for advice regarding each situation)

  • [05:38z] - Transition Altitude was low.
  • [05:40z] - No pattern entry on CC-NPR inbound (only clearance).
  • [05:43z] - Unnecessary pattern entry for M-AXTB.
  • [05:45z] - Late sequence for CC-NPR.
  • [05:46z] - Unnecessary pattern entry for United 222.
  • [05:47z] - Wrong pattern entry for M-AXTB on runway change.
  • [05:47z] - Unnecessary pattern entry for CC-NPR.
  • [05:48z] - Missed United 222 clearance.
  • [05:49z] - Missed traffic direction on M-AXTB clearance. (After runway change)
  • [05:50z] - Unnecessary pattern entry for United 222.
  • [05:51z] - Late clearance for United 222.
  • [05:52z] - Unnecessary clearance to land for “Full Stop” report from M-AXTB.
  • [05:54z] - Missed traffic direction on CC-NPR clearance. (After runway change)
  • [05:55z] - Unnecessary pattern entry for United 222.
  • [05:57z] - OM-LET transition altitude was low.
  • [05:58z] - Missed sequencing for OM-LET on pattern entry (#2).
  • [05:58z] - Incorrect pattern entry for CC-NPR.
  • [05:59z] - Missed traffic direction for OM-LET. (Inbound)
  • [06:01z] - Unnecessary traffic direction for United 222 on clearance.
  • [06:03z] - Unnecessary clearance to land for “Full Stop” report from CC-NPR.
  • [06:04z] - Missed CC-NPR go around.
  • [06:05z] - Missed OM-LET go around.
  • [06:06z] - Missed “Exit Runway” instruction for CC-NPR.

—[End of Flight for CC-NPR]—


  • Transition altitude is calculated adding 2,500 ft to the airport elevation, and round up to the nearest 500 altitude. In this case, as the airport elevation altitude was 313ft, your transition altitude would be 3,000 ft. AAL.

  • Whenever an aircraft is inbound, you must give a pattern entry. You are encouraged to add a sequence when suitable.

  • Pattern Entries should only be given for inbounds and runway changes. If an aircraft that takes off from the airport and is remaining in the pattern, he only needs sequencing (if suitable) and a clearance (without traffic direction for the same runway).

  • When you want an aircraft to turn to a certain legs, you should use the “Turn Crosswind” or “Turn Base” commands, avoid using pattern entries. Keep in mind that their use should be limited, otherwise you will be overcontrolling.

  • As a rule of thumb, clearances are considered late when the aircraft hasn’t been cleared at the moment of passing the runway altitude on downwind. Always try to be as proactive as possible sequencing and clearing; it will help you to have an organized pattern.

  • Traffic direction on clearances should be only sent when an aircraft is inbound, runway change or departing to remain in the pattern. It’s not necessary to send a traffic direction for clearances for the same runway the aircraft used to perform the previous touch and go.

  • Although using left downwind for left runway (and vice versa) is encouraged, you should always think like the pilot and see which pattern entry will be easier to access. It’s not incorrect to have an aircraft on right downwind for left runway (specially if the runway change was requested on right downwind).

  • Whenever a pilot reports “Full Stop” when doing pattern work, if the aircraft was already cleared, you should acknowledge his full stop with “Roger”; do not clear them to land if they were already cleared for the option.

  • You must always be pending to your runway situation and final leg. Ensuring the arrival/departure separation is a must when it comes to conflict avoidance. If you are unsure that an aircraft will vacate the runway in time, issue a Go-Around for the pilot on final. No aircraft must land if the runway is occupied.

  • “Exit Runway” instructions are usually given at 70-60 knots for jets and 40-30 knots for propellers (GS). Although it’s not a fundamental instruction as a go-around, controller is expected to instruct pilots to vacate the runway. Note that a command that prevent a conflict (i.e. G/A) always have priority over a runway exit instruction.

It was a nice first session. Still some details to be worked for your future sessions, but you showed solid sequencing skills as well as good knowledge of pattern legs. Something to improve that will solve most of your issues listed above, is to avoid over controlling aircrafts; as well as understanding the different concepts and functions from each command.

Let me know if you have any doubts, I’ll be happy to help.

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I was VT VAR.

  1. Clear take off entry was good.

  2. Clear for option should be given a bit early may be whn the aircraft turns crosswind.

  3. For 2nd pattern thr was no need to say enter right downwind runway 8R as I’m doing pattern on same runway.

4 Pattern entry for runway change was right. You should have given me the the extend downwind.
Or no 1 fornoption for me. And 2nd for the other aircraft.

  1. Again for runway change to 8R you should give enter right downwind no 2 traffic to follow us in base.

  2. The sequence no 2 was right but the aircraft was on right base.

  3. Thrs no need to give sequence again and again.

  4. No sequence was thr and you cleared me for option which was wrong.

  5. You missed all runway chamge traffic entry for me. Like after the option make right traffic.

Well I advise yiu to continue with your practice. Hope to see you as IFATC soon.

  • Note this to sequence and clear for option the aircraft as it turns Crosswind. This will help you to take care of others.



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Thank you for the feedback, guys, I appreciate it! I’ll make sure to use it in my next session.

I’m open now, until around 1200Z, in case anyone wants to come in.

Okay feedback incoming, I was SE-BOL:

  • Good ground commands

  • Take off handled nicely

  • Nice sequencing here, great timing for the clearance too.

  • You handled runway change correctly but I would have given “Enter right downwind” instead of right base. I know it might sound strange but the thing is, if there is no traffic, the pilot can extend his downwind as he desires so it’s better to do it like that even though what you did is not technically wrong.

  • You could (and should actually) have given the sequencing for Max at the same time as his pattern entry.

  • Nice exit runway command and very nice job on the go around here, we planned it secretly with @MaxTheBandit as you could have guessed :p

Nothing more to say here, nice start to be honest. A few wee mistakes but that will be corrected easily.

Thanks for having me !

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Hey there,

Thanks for having me (again).
You have received my first feedback via PM, so I’ll post the second one here:

  • you don’t have any issues with sequencing or ground control

  • you’re struggling a little bit with the runway changes so we can focus on those a little more

  • when I requested runway change 08L I was already turning my normal pattern from 08R, so instead of sending me into the opposite direction, just say "enter right downwind 08L.
    I know it’s confusing and it gets tricky getting the sequencing right but it’s okay.

  • the same happened when I changed back to 08R, except I was already making my downwind turn and you made me change all the way back to the right downwind of 08R.

It’s something we have to work on but we’ll get there :)

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I’m currently open at LOWW. Runways in use are 29 and 34. Feel free to come and help me practice before I apply for the practical!

ATC Session #2 for today.

  • Airport: LOWW
  • Runways in use: 11 and 16
  • Approximate time of controlling: 1h
  • Points of focus: ground conflicts, go-arounds, runway changes

I’ll be coming from EDDM :)

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I’m coming by

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Hang on :)

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Very good session! Everything good on my side! 👍


Feedback from Delta 911 (Michael_Sides1 - IFATC)

My Pattern instructions were excellent!

Nice Sequencing!

Remarkable work with avoiding the immenit G/A I was attempting to force (Full Stop) with OO-LXV, just keep in mind to make sure to be observent to make sure the runway is or will be completely clear before the aircraft crosses the threshold of the runway.

Excellent work Alex, I hope to see you soon in the IFATC / Discord soon!

Feel free to tag me in future openings

Final Remarks

For IFATC members eyes only

Correct me if any advice given is wrong.

Thank you, good day Delta 911


Thank you to everyone who came in and did some patterns, and who gave me feedback afterwards! I really appreciate it!

All I can do now is hope I perform just as well tomorrow, as that’s when my practical is scheduled for. And to all IFATC members here, I can’t wait to become a part of the team!

See you all soon (hopefully)!


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