Aviator1’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I will be doing ATC control at Saint Pete Florida
Mind my spelling.

Server: Training

Amount of time: 45 minutes

Aircraft: Coast guard or smaller light aircraft
Just some suggestions because coast guard is based on PIE


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Hello Aviator1, sorry for the late reply. Just seen the message not too long ago. If you are still active I will be flying the tbm to Saint Pete

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Ok sorry I am open again if you want

I will stop by for a couple of patterns.

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Ok sounds good

You coming?

What happened

Hello there,

I left the game due to the consistent incorrect commands which made it not productive for continuing the session in my opinion. Here is my feedback for you.

22:22:30: You issued an ‘expect progressive taxi instructions command and proceeded in issuing them through the taxi to the runway.’ This command is typically used if there is a conflict on the taxiway (i.e. two or more aircraft congested in a certain area and you need to move the individual aircraft around to prevent spacing or directional conflicts. This command was not needed due to the fact that I was the only aircraft on the whole apron, let alone the airport.

22:24:41: You cleared me for takeoff, and informed me to fly runway heading until at or above 3000 feet. When a user requests to remain in the pattern, it means they are going to be circling around essentially to land again. Here is a visual representation:

When an aircraft requests takeoff clearance and mentions they are remaining in the pattern, unless you mentioned in the ATIS (Airport Terminal Information Service) that pattern work was not being accepted, you clear them for takeoff and a traffic assignment (i.e. N1AM, runway 22R, cleared for takeoff, make right traffic.) In this situation you cleared me for a straight out departure.

22:26:24: You issued me a msic. message, ‘frequency is busy, please be patient’ right after I rotated off the runway and was on upwind. This message is only used if there are inpatient on a busy frequency. In this situation, I was not even sending a message, so this command was not used properly. This was the point where I recognized you needed to educate yourself more on ATC commands and the dynamics of GTS frequencies.

Overall, I am inspired by your effort and inspiration to become an IFATC Controller. However, I personally believe that you need to take the time to read the ATC Manual located on the Infinite Flight website, or the IFATC website. My PMs have an open-door policy so feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any questions.

ATC Guide:

Click here

ATC Manual:

Click here

Have a nice weekend, and good luck on your journey.

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Yes I miss clicked
I was going to say thank you for attending by saying thank you
On the ATC that was a mistake thank you for the feed back and I will try better next time

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