Aviator watches

When you start posting topics like this, you know you’re getting too used to the forum… anyway. I had to ask, anyone have a favorite aviator watch that they sport on a day-to-day basis? Mine has no E6B, but it’s enough for IFR flying (all you need is a chronograph). Face lights up blue at night with a push of the set knob!


Hey there,
No I currently do not have any of those types of watches. I am hoping to get one for Christmas however. That watch looks great on you! You get it off Amazon? Or Pilotseyestore?


This is probably as good as it gets, pricewise. It’s affordable and a wonderful looking vintage style pilot watch. You can probably get it from you local store!


The band used to match what’s in the Walmart link. Just got it swapped with the black stitched band this past week… I prefer it this way :)

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Wow! I was just looking for aviator watches online today that I could ask for the holidays! I definently like the style and leather band!

It’s a good one! Timex has gotten some awesome looking styles out for us aviators in the past year.

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Looks nice ^_^ However, aviator watches are too expensive, and I dont fly planes so it never occurred that I wanted one.

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Nice watch. I hope to get an Apple Watch soon as my aviation watch.

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This isn’t an aviator watch, but it’s kind of coolimage
Called the “Swatch go to gate”

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Inspired by air travel, cool!

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Not an a aviators watch, but rather an everything watch. The sign of a true baller, nothing compares to one of these abosuloute beauties. If you say Rolex’s are better, no, you’re wrong.
Darn money, always keeps you from getting things you want.

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Debating weather to save up for this or not. Garmin D2 Charlie Pilot Watch | Aviator Watch Looks like it would really help when I start solo flights.

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@schyllberg When are the Infinite Flight watches coming out again?


Anything related to aviation ;-)

Well, I love watches. I can look at a watch as long as I can stare at an aircraft.
What I never got through is: why are these called aviator watches? I can’t see any special feature, such as timezones, etc, that would make them deserve the name ‘aviation watches’. Or am I missing something?

You can charge more for it if you call it an “aviator watch” as opposed to just a “watch”. It won’t tell the time any differently though ;)

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Aviator watches are historically watches pilots would’ve used for ease of tracking time while on the job. They were easy and simple to read at any time of day, and could assist in navigational procedures, theoretically (like timing ILS approaches… that’s what the times given on the bottom of ILS plates are for). They have a second hand, a requirement now for IFR. They can have an E6B on them too, but that’s not necessarily what makes them such. It’s what you make it… if your watch can be used easily during flight, then it doesn’t matter what it is as long as you’re benefitting from it, right?

I went for the aviator style, obviously. And the chrono will prove useful in due time.


I can understand you will need timing for a procedural turns and things of that sort, but I am just curious why you need timing for an ILS or localiser only approach beyond the FAF since you have vertical guidance in an ILS and check altitudes for a localiser only?

I’ve used a few watches overtime. My first was citizen eco drive. Bright at night and contained some crp functions for fuel calculations. My second was a breitling colt, however I find it being a waste of money. Now I currently run around with a hugo boss watch on a daily only to bring out the other watches for flying

I would rather have an Automotive inspired watch such as a Breitling watch. Personally I quite like Tagheur.

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Another post some more from earlier in the year

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It’s a backup if the GS fails.