Aviator_PdJ's ATC Tracking Thread - [PASSED PRACTICAL]

Hello Everybody!

I have applied for IFATC and passed the written test and now preparing for the practical.

So i decided to get some practice before doing the sessions with my trainer.
Would love if you try to show up and do some patterns.

  • Status : CLOSED
  • Server : Training Server
  • Airport : N/A
  • Frequencies : Ground & Tower
  • Runways in Use:

I’ll inform you when im open. If you want to be tagged feel free to ask.
Feedbacks will be appriciated :))

Happy Flying!!

Tag me next time

Alright! Btw I’ll start after 2 hours…

Status: Close
Server: Training server
Runways in use:31L/31R
Frequencies: Ground/Tower



Feedback from OK-JAY

  • When you told the Aeromexico to extend downwind that was unnecessary. Instead since I was on final you should’ve sequenced him to follow me as spacing was plenty. You only use extend downwind if there needs to be separation between departure traffic or if it is really busy and spacing is minimal.

  • The Aeromexico never said they were inbound for landing before you gave them a sequence. They had just requested a transition. You have to wait for them to say their intentions, and then sequence them.

Other than that every thing was very good. The runway changes were good, transition altitude was correct. Overall really good job keep it up!

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Ok! Thanks for the feedback!
I’ll work more on separations! :))

Feedback Aeromexico 113AK

@Jay003 mentioned everything. Thankss

Since i was close to AirIndia 067VA instead of giving the extend DW just let it play out and wait till on Final. And on Final you could gv me a GA as you did.
And when you sequence me i know that i should follow that aircraft.

Perfect sequencing and Clearances. Good job on the GA and RWY change

Well Done

Tag me again in the Future )))

But i gave the extend downwind command as the guide says to use it to avoid go around scenarios as much as possible.

Also i knew you were doing it intentionally so i tried to avoid it lol…but still AirIndia managed to stay on the runway for a long time!

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since you sequenced me number 2 i should know that i hv to keep a safe distance with the aircraft ahead of me. thats the pilots job itself. because i could have slowed down too and managed to get the right gap.

I also had your same question mate. Wanna avoid GA as much as possible. But just let the situation play out and see. Sometimes the aircraft might exit RWY quickly and i could hv landed.

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Yep…thanks for the information :)

Btw I looked at the replay, Aeromexico actually called inbound and after that only i gave them sequence and clearance…

Yes that’s correct when you sequence someone, it’s their job to maintain a safe distance with the aircraft infront if them therefore the extend downwind command was not needed.

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I have a question,
Was the transition command right?
3000 ft or 2500??

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it was correct. 3000

Yeah…i got a bit confused at first and issued ‘correction, stand by’ 😅

yeah thats the correct thing to do.well done ))

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Yep it was correct

It’s always airport elevation + 2500 and then rounded to the nearest 500th.

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Hello, congratulations on passing the exam, feel free to ping me next time you open.

Sure! Would love your feedback!

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You can ping me next time you open @Aviator_PdJ.

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