Aviator Airbus’ ATC Tracking thread [Closed] @N/A

Hi everyone!

I am planning to join IFATC when I come of age, but until then, I would like the community’s feedback on how I control, thanks!

Special Thanks to @Ryan_Vidad for giving me the Idea!

Open at: N/A


Hey Everyone! I’m planning to do some G/T at my hometown airport, KSNA tonight!
Time: 0400Z

Open at KSNA for a few, see ya there!

Closed now, but hopefully opening Friday Night

Hello everyone, I’m open at KSNA today, stop by if ya could!

Hey everyone, hope to see ya all down at Seattle! 😁

Hey everyone! Thanks to all who came tonight! I’ll be opening tommorow at KATL! Also, the day after that, I’ll be heading to Florida!

Open at Atlanta now!

iPad died, and I ain’t gotta charger. :(

Ok everybody, I’ll be opening in a few hours at KABQ after I get home, currently 3000 miles away from it!

Sorry for the long wait guys, I’ll be still be opening at KABQ, most likely tommorow!

Open at KABQ now, cmon down!

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