AviationReports's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello IFC!
I am back with my second ATC Tracking Thread. This time, we are here to help practice with my approach skills. Every time I open, I will be at KAPA practicing my ILS/Vis/radar vectors Approaches on Runway 02. If you do come here are the rules:

  • Runway 02 will be the only runway used, despite winds and any other factors
  • You can either do radar patterns or fly inbound
    - Radar Patterns are where you takeoff, contact approach on upwind, follow all directions, and then do a touch and go and the pattern repeats
  • Please follow all instructions, this is a training environment where I am trying to provide the best service to the Expert Server through practicing when my trainer isn’t available.


Status: CLOSED
Server: Training
Airport: PHOG
Frequency: Approach
Time: TBD

My Radar Trainer has consented to this thread and my ability to control on Training Server for the time being



If anyone is available for a few radar pattern, please come to KAPA. Mistakes are surely going to be made so please give feedback! If there are separation busts (Less than 1000ft AGL or 1000ft and/or 3sm between aircraft) please let me know.

Goals for this session: Give proper vectors for an ILS approach and practice spacing from airport during the pattern

Lastly, please only request ILS Approach Runway 35R


cool! I’ll stop by, going to finish my pattern work in expert server

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When you come, please make sure to not have a light aircraft. Thanks!

ok, im in an embraer jet

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If you are done that’s cool, if you want to come back for another approach, that would be great! Closing in 10 minutes

Edit: Thanks for coming out. I obviously have my areas to work on so I don’t need any feedback from you except any terrian busts?

Youre welcome mate, you did a good job though. terrain is fine

Thanks, just some personal feedback so I know

  • First ILS to late causing Missed Approach
  • Second ILS was perfect vectoring
  • Second approach (Missed) heading on downwind off 10 degrees (160 not 170)
  • Third approach (possibly) just slightly late

For that last approach, were you in a constant turn for the ILS or did you level your wings at 320 for a second?

i turned to the ils app and lined up

btw i just crashed bc of fast tailwind😂

Wonderful, thanks for coming out. Every little bit of practice helps!

Ooh haha. Yeah, I need an ILS and I am only allowed to work at KAPA for the time being so the wind is something you just have to ignore (until you overrun haha)

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Second Practice Session going on now till the top of the hour!

Hi I’ll come by is this a radar session?

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Yes it is. Just do radar patterns and expect the ILS Runway 35R despite winds. Just working on vectoring and ILS intercept today as I just started training.

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I’m really sorry I could only stay for a short time here is my feedback!

  • You told me to HDG 130 and then a minute later changed to HDG 170 this is not efficient and you should have just given me the dowmwind heading to begin!
  • EVERYTHING else was perfect well done, I intercepted well just a bit late but that was my fault because of speed!
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All good, every plane helps. Thanks for the feedback! I should have told you speeds so that is partially my fault but good to know that overall the intercept worked. Thanks for coming out!

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Now open at PHOG, training server, any approach except for GPS allowed, 02 in use, fly inbound or do radar patterns!

Planning on closing in 15, please let me know if you plan on attending

Forgot about this thread, but thanks @Captain_Cign for stopping on by when I first started. You can now see me controlling approach, departure, and center after passing my practical!


Closed per request