AviationMad's Monthly Screenshot Recap | May

My Monthly Screenshot Recap | May 📷

Hey Everyone!

If you didn’t know, I now post all of my photos on a Pintrest Board. I said in my last #screenshots-and-videos topic that I would post once a month, with my best photo. It’s the last day of May, so let’s take a look back at this month and see the best photo!

The Contenders

I’ve taken quite a lot of screenshots this month, and most of them have been pretty great. I had to narrow it down, so here are the Contenders.

Please Note: The winning photo is not included in the Contenders section.

Photo 1:

Qantas flight 503 touches down In Sydney, with a Virgin Australia 737-800 parked in the foreground.

Photo 2:

An American Airlines A320 about to touchdown in Los Angeles, as an Air Bridge Cargo 747-8F takes off from the other side of the airport.

Photo 3:

An American Airlines A320 departs Phoenix, under the watchful eye of the moon.

The Winner 🎉

This was a tough choice. These photos are all really good, but the winner tipped them all.

So, the winner is…

Two Qantaslink Q400’s, flown by myself and @LachyRobertson, on approach into Melbourne, just after sunset.

That’s all for this month. Keep up with my photos here!

Bye! 👋


Extremely cool looking pics!


Thanks mate!

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That’s an angle of attack and a half that 74 😂

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Yep, it basically shot up to 5000 feet before I even touched down 😂

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