AviationMad’s Photo Edits | #4

My Recent Photo Edits | #4

Gatwick: Delta 777 departing to the USA, with Easyjet, Vueling, Ryanair, Aeroflot, KLM and BA making an appearance as well

Chicago: United A320 taxiing out to the runway, bound for La Garbaga, with ANZ arriving from Auckland in the Background

The same United A320 Descending into New York

Hobart: Qantas and Virgin Australia 737’s waiting for departure; Bound for Melbourne.

Sunshine Coast: A Jetstar A320 performing a go around in Cyclone Oma

LAX: EK A380 taxiing out for departure to Dubai, with American and Delta aircraft going to various destinations across the US.

San Francisco: The Eskimo holding short as a United A320 arrives onto Runway 28L.


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