AviationMad’s Photo Edits | #11


My Recent Photo Edits | #11

Background to the photos

Photo 1

Myself and @Ash_Rand doing some patterns at my local airport. I’m in the SR22 and Ash is in the TBM-930.

Photos 2 and 3

I took these at @Joseph007’s Houston Flyout. Traffic was crazy so I thought it would be a good chance to get some shots.

Photo 4

This was my first Grade 4 flight! 🎉 During Australian ATC on Expert, YCFS opened. A good opportunity to do a short flight from Coffs Harbour to Sydney. I’m taking off in the Virgin Australia 737, while @Captain_Hoss is sitting at the gate in a QantasLink Q400.

Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route

Photo 1

Server: Expert

Time: 6:30AM Local Time

Route: None

Airline: None

Aircraft: SR22 and TBM-930

Photos 2 and 3

Server: Expert

Time: Unknown

Route: KIAH-KLGA. Rest are Unknown.

Airline: United, Generic

Aircraft: A320, 737, 777, MD-11

Photo 4

Server: Expert

Time: 11am Local Time


Airline: Virgin Australia, QantasLink

Aircraft: 737, Q400



Great shots! I’m all out of likes, but here’s one anyway ♥️!!


Thanks very much!


Ohh I like! Great photos!

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Thanks mate!

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😍 Absolutely stunning as always

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Very well done!

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Last picture is my favorite! Good ones!

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Also good job on all the flight and picture details!

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Fantastic as usual! :)

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Thanks everyone!


Nice picture of me in the gate, and nice departure from you in the b737

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Thanks mate!


Sweet Bro 🤙

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Thanks dude! 👍🏻

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I think the 738 in the last photo is me… when (Zulu Time) did you take it???

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Nope… It’s definitely me. I’m the one flying in the picture. I took the photo out of my replay.


Oh, okay…

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For me these are some of the best of the day, good job.

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