AviationJack NEW ATC Tracking Thread (Closed)

Old one can not be edited any more so the new is here
Open @
30-45 mins
Training server
Departure RWY:
Arrival RWY:
Ground and Tower
Pattern work allowed

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Open @KEWR
Info above ^^

Open for 20 mins at KEWR!
Come before I close
Also @darkeyes is tower and ground

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EWR is now closed
Good day!

KFLL is opened
Info above^^

I’ll be closing 10 mins early due to lack of traffic
Come by before I close

KFLL is now closed

Way to go!

Open @TNCM
Info above^^

TNCM is now closed

I was with the callsign N978DU. Nice controlling, however, on my last pattern the aircraft with the callsign Cargolux 12 was given the command to follow aircraft on left downwind whereas the other aircraft was on right downwind…
Next time, i would like to suggest, opening an airport with parallel runways, as then aircrafts can also request for runway changes.
Overall, nice controlling!

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Open @KSSC
All info above ^^
Come by

Im coming!

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I just saw you do the worst takeoff I’ve ever since and you almost stalled. No offense

Come on down to KSSC!

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My Phone just fell off the sofà… You saw my cesna caravan…

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Yeah. I saw you. I also encourage to do pattern work.

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Not Today but Other day if you atc Ill come to pattern

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I will stop by.


N561jv on my way

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