AviationGaming’s ATC tracking Thread //OPEN AT KDAL


My last ATC Schedule Thread was closed, so I’m making a new one.

  • Current Airport - KMSP

  • Intersection Departures - Allowed

  • Pattern Work - (Obviously)

  • Departing Runway(s) - 30L, 30R




I will be there shortly!

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I’ll hop in there for a quick pattern.

All good!

One thing:

  • When I called full stop, you probably should’ve cleared me to land since you didn’t clear me for the option yet.

Other than that, great job!

Yeah I realized that when you landed that’s my bad

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Rip, ignore that Air Force guy clearly a troll

On my way! Callsign will be Velocity 23

Idk if it’s me or I didn’t get a sequence the first time?

And sorry I had fat fingers

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I’ll see on my replay when I’m done. If I forgot sorry

Congratulations on creating a new thread. Keep practicing and you will be on your way soon enough to IFATC. You did a good job on certain aspects, but on others you seemed to need a little work.

Things you did well:

  • Great transition altitude. Good adjustment with the altitude height of KMSP.

  • Runway changes were given new pattern entry and clearance.

  • Aircraft on ground seemed to keep proper spacing. Good job.

Things you need to work on:

  • Sequences and clearances need to be a given a little quicker. Give the pilots pattern instructions, sequence if need be, then clearance. After my touch and goes I never received clearance again. I would have to call in again each time.

  • Make sure not to give exit runway commands too early. I was remaining in the pattern when you gave me an exit command on a touch and go. Clearance for the option includes touch and goes, full stops, and low flybys.

  • You used the turn base command incorrectly on my third touch and go. I was already on base when you gave me the command. In addition, the command should generally be used to keep spacing for departing aircraft.

  • I think you need to form a better understanding of pattern instructions.

I will stop by again if I get the chance!

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Sorry about that takeoff, hit the rudder by mistake.

That’s fine, I wasnt sure if you were going to do Pattern Work so I disregarded last message

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Nice Job, I had a lot of fun doing patterns with active ATC air my home airport! I am not IFATC so @Piazza feedback would be most beneficial…

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Yeah I quickly realized after that before you disconnected so that’s on my part

Hey dude good job :) only thing I really noticed was when I called final full stop to tell you I’m done with my pattern work you gave me a clearance to land which isnt needed cause I was already cleared for the option… other then that really good job :)

Wasn’t sure so I switched it to cleared to land.

sad ii missed you

Check the aircraft’s tag/flight strip. If they are already cleared it will turn green. Turns white as soon as they touch the ground, so it resets on touch and goes as well.



  • Landing and Departing 13R/L

  • Intersection Departures Allowed

  • Pattern work allowed (Obviously)

  • Link to Aeronatical and Aerodrome Charts down below