AviationFreak’s ATC Tracking Thread - [OPEN] @KPHX (WRITTEN PASSED!)

Hello! I just passed my written which I am super happy about! Now time to practice a whole bunch! I’ll be open at KPHX on training for about the next hour! Please come by if you can!


Are you still open?

Yes I am!

DutchBird 769 - everything good, only 1 thing you missed was exit runway command when I hit 70 IAS

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I got a little distracted with the other aircraft, sorry.

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Thanks to everyone who stopped by! Appreciate it!

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Southwest 6566 - pretty good!

When I landed on 25L for last time - you told me to exit runway right and contact ground, instead of exit runway cross/hold short 25R then contact ground… other than that… good times!

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Alright! Will remember that! Thanks!

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Congratulations on your written! Wish you the best of luck on your practical whenever that may be.

Might have to stop by some time, who knows…

Hello all!

I will be open at KABQ for the next hour or so! Please do come by!

Hi! I’m open at KPHX rn! My practical is tomorrow so I’d appreciate all the help I can get!

I’ll try and stop by after I land. Will you be open in 30-40 minutes?

I should be yes!

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I’ll stop by

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Hey there! You did good, just a few mistakes that can be worked on.

  • Forgot to sequence me on my 2nd pattern.

  • Late Exit Runway command was given to N17EE.

Thanks for the session!

What do you mean sequence? Did I forget to clear you?

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Nope, the sequencing button.

See here:

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Feedback from N17EE

[23:11:31Z] - Transition is an bit high 4,000 would of been alright . ( 2,500 + airport elevation rounded to the nearest 500 , which best option would of been 4,000.

[23:17:05Z] + [23:19:28Z] - Your pattern entries and sequences were good , however that isn’t why I repeated the message . It’s because I was " inbound for landing " and not " inbound for touch and go’s " . Because of this " after the option make left/right traffic is not needed " . It also preferred if someones inbound for landing they get " cleared to land " instead of " cleared for the option " .

[23:23:33Z] - Exit runway command was an bit late , but I think its because you may have though I was doing patterns instead of landing . Exit runway should be given below 70knts ground speed.

No other issues from me , thanks for having me !

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That makes sense now. I’m sorry about that

Thanks for the feedback!

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No need to be sorry

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