AviationFreak’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KPHX

Hello! I had to make a new one.

I will be open at KPHX a for patterns on training! Come and stop by!

Will be open for 30 minutes to an hour

I’m on my way!

Awesome! Gonna practice with jet aircraft now.

A 772 just departed and still has his gear down at 7 thousand feet

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Oh I’m coming in a 172. Should I change to a C750 or TBM?

Fun 😂

The things we have to watch as expert pilots

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It’s entirely up to you. I’m getting buzzed with an F22 at 1,200kt
Oh it’s just @Oskapew

Oh you’re at KPHX. Duh, I didn’t read the title. I’m at KDVT. Yeah, I’ll come in an IF livery 737-700

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jeheheheheh yep the body is unclear hmm

Least you could do is contact tower 😂

You’re flying around with your UVAL callsign just fyi


It just says “comma

@anon38496261 pls move to the AZ national guard stand. Other side of the airport 😂

Closing now! Thanks to all who stopped by

Oof. Thanks for the service! It was really good! I’m not sure what all those random messages while I was parked were about though 🤔

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Heheheheheh. I’m going to casual now

Ooh take me with you. Where at?

where all the fun is at

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