Aviationflyer's Birthday flight - Celebrating @ LTAI - 261815ZJAN20

This Sunday, I will turn 16.
I thought to make an event to celebrate my birthday!

I am Aviationflyer,
a fellow aviationgeek just as you.
I am flying since 2014, and live in germany.
I am a grade 5 pilot for IFAE and enjoy flying a lot!

I am hoping to have some people coming as I am also hoping for a fun event✈️

Event details

Server: Expert

Route: LTAI [ Antalya ] - LTFM [ Istanbul ]

Aircraft & Livery:
Boeing 737-900 / Airbus A321- Turkish Airlines

Flighttime 1.5hrs +/-

Time: 2020-01-26T18:15:00Z

Available gates

Intl. Terminal

G08 - @Aviationflyer04

G09 - @SKY-TOM

G10A - @Infiniteflightusa

G10B - @IF.Mike

G11A - @flying_infinitely

G11B - reserved

G12A - @InfiniteFlightGuyYT

G12B - @TheWalkingFruit

G13A - reserved

G13B - reserved

G14 - reserved

G15 - reserved

Dom. Terminal

G04 - @RT6907

G05 - @Infiniteflightuk

G06 - @Inda_IFFM

G07 - @Ferntie.Colerntie

Intl. Terminal 2

G60 - @CptCalvin437

G61- free

G62A - free

G62B - free

G63A - free

G63B - free

G64A - free

G64B - free

G65A - free

G65B - free

G66 - free

G67 - free

More gates to be added if needed

Flightplan and charts


FL340 | 240 | 290 | M0.78

LTAI AI074 AI069 AI061 BIBEV AI063 AI064 AI065 ASLOS EKSEN KTH SISPI FM650 FM651 FM652 LECKI FM553 FM554 FM555 FM556 FM557 FM560 FM561 FM562 FM563 FM564 FM565 FM566 FM567 DIVDI TIGSU LTFM


LTAI: Planned SID: EKSEN1E/1F | 18C

LTFM: Planned STAR: SISPI1B | 17L

I thank everyone who takes his time and attends at this event!

   Maintain professionalism and realism,
    follow ATC instructions and keep a
       5 - 10nm spacing at all times.
     Please spawn 5 mins prior to event
        Pushback 1 by 1 after me

Thanks and a good day,
My Instagram


Just format your title correctly, as stated in the #live:events category. Once you do that, you’ll be good.
Check this link for reference: About the Events Category

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Thank you!
Welp this is my first ever created topic hehe

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You’re very welcome! I don’t know for sure if I’ll be able to come, I can confirm that later.

But I can just say, Happy (early) Birthday, @ykaviation! 🥳 I hope it’s great!

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Will add the flightplan and charts shortly

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Give me a gate 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️😉

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yours already reserved🤭

Your gate would be Intl. Terminal 1, Gate 13A

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Flightplan and charts added

Upcoming gate requests will be added tomorrow!
Signing off for today
AF04, out

Hi @ykaviation !!
I am interested in coming! Could you assign me a gate

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Sure thing! Your gate would be Dom. Terminal G06!

Thank you for coming!

Thank you everyone for coming along!

This really means a lot to me and I am looking very forward to this event, my birthday Event!🤓

Nice we are already 10 attendees!

I’d like to get a gate börk ;)


Hey bro!

Let me get you a gate…
Yep, your’s would be:

Dom. Terminal G07

Thanks for coming and see you there mate!

Happy Early Birthday @ykaviation! Unfortunately I won’t be able to make this event as it’s at 5AM for me, but good luck!


Thank you!

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Int. Terminal 2, Gate 60 please. Thank you ;) And also, 240 | 290 are ascent | descent speed?

Yup! Just added you to the list.
Thank you for coming!


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Ayyy I finally turned 16😂
Can’t wait for the flight!

See you all there!


Happy Birthday!
Sadly, I won’t be able to join but thanks for escorting me and IFW near KSFO today.

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