AviationFlyer's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ [Practical Passed!]


I just applied to IFATC and passed the written test a few days ago and I’m very excited about joining IFATC (hopefully I pass my practical). I’m opening up an ATC Tracking Thread to improve my skills & practice things that I don’t get much of when normally controlling on TS

Server: Training
Airport: KDAL (Dallas Love Field)
Frequencies: Tower & Ground
Runways in use: 13L and 13R
Open for: N/A
Main things I need Practice On: Conflicts (need some more practice on ground and pattern conflicts), Make Runway Changes, Stay in the Pattern for sequencing



Glad you want to join IFATC Team!

I recommend controlling this airport below


so the person doing a pattern work doesn’t interrupt by another traffic.

Also, tell what runway you use.

Tag me next time you open.

got it, thanks! i’ve edited in the runways that are being used

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kk will do

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I’m pretty content with the way my 1st session and I’m excited to do more!

Some things to improve on: I totally butchered the pattern entry for inbound cause I accidentally issued it for the wrong person and then sent correction to the other wrong person (facepalm). I did eventually correct it later on (but I did take a while) and fixed who’s on what runway (cause I didn’t want the 737 landing on the smaller runway). Also, I probably could’ve cleared the Alaska for takeoff, but I decided to give LUAW to not risk it since I wasn’t sure how instant the turn would be. ngl I was really nervous at the start lol, though the nerves did slowly loosen up a good amount

@Boiseaviation & 7DO8E4AO (no IFC linked), thanks for joining!

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Thanks for dealing with my tight patterns and low flybys… was pretending I was a warbird from the PSP Air Museum lol. Next time I’ll fly more realistically lol. Thanks!

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It’s great to see that you’re progressing in your journey towards IFATC! Feel free to tag me when you open next and I’ll see if I can stop by for ya! :)

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Hey! Feel free to tag me next time you open. I’ll try to come by 😉

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Hai AviationFlyer :)

Glad to see you wanting to join the fam! Please tag me next time you open! I would love to help where possible

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Waffsssss ma bro

Haiiiiiii, what coincidence

haiiiaaaaa!! yessurr

hey im open at kpsp rn! @VibrantPixel @Daniel_Steinman @BT_HANDLES @Waffs

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@VibrantPixel about the last part when you told me you were inbound for a full stop

wasn’t sure if I was to say avoid unnecessary reports or roger (honestly I appreciated the msg lol cuz then i could be sure it’s full stop)
Reporting full stop after pattern work - #8 by JoshFly8 was reading up on this but im not too sure what the “acutal” correct answer is

anyways thanks for coming!

Feedback Delta 1 Controller: AviationFlyer

-[23:46:51] unnecessary “You’re alreay cleared to land, avoid unnecessary reports”. just give Delta 1 exit runway when around 70 GS after announcing full stop.

Feedback are above

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ok thanks, i wasn’t exactly sure what the right thing to do there as usually it’s unnecessary but in this case you were announcing full stop (and searching it up didn’t give me a black and white answer)

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Still open? Nope, just saw you changed it to closed. Sorry. I’ll try to come by next time.

No worries, do you want me to tag you next time I open?

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Certainly. And if I am available, I will come by for a bit.

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