AviationFlyer's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

open at KSAN rn! I chose KSAN to focus on sequencing and separation (cause it only has 1 runway). I know there might be some other traffic, but Iā€™m okay with that
@VibrantPixel @Daniel_Steinman @BT_HANDLES @Waffs @RickG

Feel free to tag me in future sessions šŸ™‚

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Hey, feel free to tag me when you open šŸ‘

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Open at KDAL for ~45 minutes Runways in use: 13R and 13L
@Michael_Sides1 @VibrantPixel @Daniel_Steinman @BT_HANDLES @Waffs @RickG @Kryzlot

edit: now closed

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Runways? (10)

edited my reply; the runways were already in the original post, but will make sure to add it in my reply next time too

I see you joined my session! Thanks :)

Hey @AviationFlyer

Feedback OK-LOL

No complaints from me!

Overall, I see you have a solid knowledge of IFATC. Hope to see you soon in the team.


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