Aviationflyer04's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hey there,

i am Aviationflyer and I’d like to fresh up my ATC-ing to apply for IFATC.

For that I would need some training and some more ATC operations, as the requirement is to have a minimum of 500 ops. I currently have around 120 so it will still take me a while until then, which is good, as I will use that time as practise.

*Airports i will control or have already controled in this thread:


I am looking forward to see you!

Kind regards,


Will open EDDL from 2020-06-02T10:30:00Z2020-06-02T11:00:00Z.

Pattern work accepted.
Any traffic is apreciated🙂

I might be there fellow German brother! 🇩🇪 🤘

I might fly to Munich with a Lufthansa A320, or just do some 172 patterns.

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Open now at EDDL

Can‘t edit the thread anymore kind of annoying

Open at KSSC Training server.

Passed my written test. Need to practise for sequencing.

Pattern work appreciated, 22‘s in use

Hi, I’m G-JABK, game crashed, I’ll come back in 2 seconds

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Hi! Thanks for the service, I’ll have a look at my replay and write you up some feedback. I apologise on behalf of those other pilots who spammed the frequency, and showed general poor conduct. I can’t promise that the quality of pilots improves on the expert server but at least you have commands and violations to deal with pilots who choose to misbehave. I’ll edit this post with some feedback in around 10 minutes :)


  • Transition altitude was slightly low, I would transition at 3000 ft for KSSC, as the jet pattern altitude is 1800 ft, therefore 2500 ft does not adequately separate transitioning aircraft from those in the pattern. Remember that you always want to transition no less than 1000 ft above the highest pattern altitude.
  • Sequencing and clearing early which is great!
  • For the most part, sequencing was correct but there were a few slip-ups.
  • 15:36:47 - you cleared VH-TNO number 1 while I had not yet landed, the correct sequence would have been number 2, traffic to follow is on final.
  • Runway change was well executed!
  • I noticed that you responded unable to a few runway change requests, for instance at 15:38:01, when VH-TNO requested change to 22L, you could have told him ‘enter right downwind 22L, number 2, traffic to follow is on left downwind’, then followed that with an ‘extend downwind, I’ll call your base’ and turned him once you believed adequate separation was made. You could have then resequenced me to follow him.
  • Good use of the already cleared to land command, I noticed that it had to be used a few times :|
  • 15:29:50 - The speed commands are unnecessary here, they are on different runways, and as they are both flying VFR (visual flight rules), they are responsible for their own separation.
  • Nice catch on the go-around for me!
  • 15:43:49 - you had cleared VH-TNO number 2 to the runway when there was nobody for him to follow, then cleared me number 2 as well.
  • Another time you denied a runway change, at 15:47:23, you could have used the same commands as I explained above to slot IFGA-75 in behind me, and then sequenced VH-TNO behind them.
  • When you swapped us over at 15:50:05, you told me to enter left DW, number 2, following traffic on right DW, when it should have been traffic to follow on left DW.
  • Runway change was given slightly late, usually given at around 70kts, but this is extremely minor.
  • The ground conflict at the end was well resolved, another resolution had there been no gates there would have been to tell one of us to make a 180 and progressive taxi us away from each other.

Overall a good session, you showed good competence and knowledge of what you were doing, any slight mistakes you made with incorrect commands etc were fixed straight away. If you have any questions do message me and I’ll do my best to answer them!

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Awesome, thanks!

My IPad got laggy so a few things were delayed

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Feedback above there, sorry it took a bit longer than anticipated :)

Much appreciated Jack!
Thanks a lot!

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