AviationFlyer’s Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A


I’m an IFATC Specialist and I’m excited to inform that I have started my radar training! I’m opening up a Radar Tracking Thread to help improve my radar skills and for brushing
up skills between training sessions.

Server: Training
Airport: [CLOSED]
Frequencies: Approach
Runways in use: 30
Open for: Not sure yet as I’ll base it on traffic, but probably around 45 minutes from me making a reply that it’s open.
Main things I need Practice On: ILS, Visuals, and RVs; currently I’m still learning the basics and I haven’t learned GPS just yet. Feel free to fly radar patterns or call inbound from a nearby airport.

This thread was approved by my trainer, @lucaviness


might join soon

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@Usman_A Thanks for coming!


ILS: Clearance was given tad early which made me intercept G/S before Loc.

Visual: It is advised not to give RAIS on DW. Give it on base.

Radar Vector: again it’s best to hand off pilots on base rather than DW.

I would have used 3000 for DW and 2000 for base in such Terrain-less location.

Overall not too bad.

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ILS: Yes, I agree, I noticed that it was pretty late in the cone, though I believe you started descending AFTER established. Right? Correct me if I’m wrong here. Definitely was a little risky doing that on my end though, could’ve resulted in MA
Were you above the glide slope or below when you got established? Ideally 1500 would have worked better for how close you got established tbh

Visual: According to my trainer, it’s perfectly fine to give RAIS on DW especially if there is minimal/no traffic around. Though when there’s traffic it’s suggested to handoff to tower on base so tower can sequence with ease. And I think, but not 100% sure, I would make them RAIS on base instead if I’m doing that.

Radar Vectors: In this case, I think it’s perfectly fine since there is 0 traffic, but if there was a lot more traffic, I would hand them off on base (and give them a vector to base) to help with sequencing.

Thanks for all the feedback!


Yay you finally started! Please ping me the next time you open c:


Ayo! Tag me whenever your open 💯


Open TXKF Runway 30 in use! Mainly want to do ILS approaches this time, feel free to do a few visuals though, want to time it better so wings stay level for ILS. @BT_HANDLES @callaa

Edit: Closed.

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This can be closed now, I’m officially an IFATC Officer!


CONGRATULATIONS!!! Very well deserved!!