AviationChampion's Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ PHOG

Sorry for couldn’t make it. Zulu +2. if it is earlier I’m always sleeping ;)

Can you please tag me next time!

Scheduled session for 0100z


That’s okay, can you make it at 0100z?

Sure, thanks!

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I’m on the way

I’m not currently open, see message below.



Please let me know if you’re available so I can sign you up! Please keep in mind, this is a scheduled session so please be on time if you’re signed up for it.


@Collins4486 @MJP_27 @Antoine_Turrian @SierraHotel @BAK_UOV @WestJet737767 @Ketan_Sanghvi @Drxw @Marquatzi @Flying_Pencil @IF_International @Black_Bird @nicopizarro @IF787 @Bmoney326 @Captain_Benjamin @Kaine_sugar @IFChile-SpeedbirdCL @kedz @TheAaron @Jennifer23 @Ben_Bino

Needs: 6 more pilots

Scheduled Pilots: @Tornado_1v1

Please keep in mind that this isn’t spam mentioning you guys. I only mentioned those who attended my sessions for my old ATC tracking thread (can be found on my profile stats)


I can make it, just planning an 11hr flight to arrive at your scheduled time.👌
Edit: I woke up to a crash… So I’ma alternate…

Roger, thanks for coming.

@Marina Please don’t change the topic title. I’m not open, so “[OPEN]” is incorrect.

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Still open?

Being completely fair, without scrolling down 100+ messages most readers would percept you as being open as your ‘Status’ in you original post contains details on the airport you are/have been controlling at, with no obvious (or even not so obvious) signs stating that you are not open.

Plus the ‘NEED PILOTS’ brings quite the advertisement that you are actively requiring help from community members. Just be sure to keep the brackets section as an obvious indicator of your live status. Hate to rant but everything in your posts are extremely misleading without looking at the latest replies.

1800z-2000z I’m most probably available.

How about now?

I would just recommend leaving it between ‘open’ and ‘closed’ for everyone’s ease of mind. :) I shouldn’t need to give continuous reviews beyond this.

Hey mate, how long will you be opened?

Anyone available for a session right now?

@Collins4486 @MJP_27 @Antoine_Turrian @SierraHotel @BAK_UOV @WestJet737767 @Ketan_Sanghvi @Drxw @Marquatzi @Flying_Pencil @IF_International @Black_Bird @nicopizarro @IF787 @Bmoney326 @Captain_Benjamin @Kaine_sugar @IFChile-SpeedbirdCL @kedz @TheAaron @Jennifer23 @Ben_Bino @I_AM_KOREAN_FOX

Hey mate. If your available for a session around 1600z I can pop by!

Yeah I am :) Just lmk

Great! I’d like to get at least one more before we begin.

Sorry, not available at that time. I’ll be lifting weight’s.

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We’ll be at PHOG, runway 02, Training Server. Spawn at any airport within a 35 nm radius.