AviationChampion's Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ PHOG

Hello everyone! Some of you may have previously known me as “WANNABE_IFATC”. Well I’ve changed my username, and now its time for Radar service training!


Airport: PHOG
Runway(s): 02
Server: Training Server
Point of focus: Terrain + Traffic Management

Contact for instructions, would mean a lot if at least 6 people came by each session!


Approved by my Trainer, @nicopizarro.


Radar patterns or you want fly-in?

Can come in a few mins.

You can fly in and then do a pattern if you’d like?

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Sweet! Heres your assignment.

Departure Airport: Somewhere close, contact Approach immediately after takeoff.

Type: Visual, GPS, ILS, RV (in order)

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Anyone else who decides to join, please follow this.

Feedback HB-ANT

ILS approach

Everything was fine.

Visual Approach

  • It was good to ask me to report airport in sight on downwind since there wasn’t anybody else.

  • When giving a visual clearance you do not need to give vector + altitude. Just a visual clearance, and once the pilot responds, an handoff to tower. Keep in mind that the sequence for aircrafts under visual approach (if needed) will be given by the tower controller. So the earliest you send the pilot to tower, the biggest amount of time the tower controller has to issue the sequence.

Everything else was fine ! Cheers

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Thanks for the feedback @Antoine_Turrian!

To those who were not able to attend, I will open again 2021-09-13T12:00:00Z. Please let me know so I can give you your assignment(s) ahead of time.

Thank you!

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My feedback as VT-KBS

  1. ILS everything ok. Could intercept perfectly as per your instructions. Am seeing the intercept being issued directly from the downwind leg for the first time today & earlier while in your TT, but I guess this works. I had no trouble. If the downwind was wider, maybe it might help to turn base & then issue the intercept to within 30⁰.

  2. Visual - As @Antoine_Turrian also commented, vector & altitude not required while giving visual clearance. Otherwise, all ok. From the turn, I did not have to struggle to set the correct altitude for final approach, so I was happy.

  3. RV - ok. Got clearance once I was established in downwind.

  4. GPS - I had an approach filed so GPS clearance once I was on downwind was ok.

So, in my understanding, all the basics seem to be in place. What you might require is practice with more and more pilots.
Thank you for the service today & good luck. Also sincere thanks to @Antoine_Turrian for his suggestions about how I can improve my feedback for a radar session.

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Oh i thought you are new lol
Tag me in ur next session😉

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Please tag next!

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Thank you for the feedback! Are you available for a session at 2021-09-13T12:00:00Z?

Not sure, but most probably yes. Will be happy to join if I can.


Okay, thanks.

@SierraHotel @BAK_UOV, Are you available for a session 2021-09-13T12:00:00Z?

Yes, pm me on Discord:)

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What is your Discord username?

That is my name :)

I need your tag


No, like… #1234