AviationChampion’s Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hey everyone, I’m back again! Since I’ve resumed radar training, I’m very rusty and need to get used to operating radar to help myself improve at sessions. It’d be great if you guys could join in wherever possible, it’d go a long way!

Point of Focus:

  • Appropriate Speed Commands Usage

  • Altitude assignment based on distance from airport

  • Traffic Management (Inbounds)

This tracking thread is approved by my trainer, @nicopizarro.

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AviationChampion requests 5 pilots for a Radar session @KSBP on March 18th 04:00 Zulu (2022-03-18T04:00:00Z) Please let me know if you’re able to make it by replying below.


Want me to mention you every time I need pilots? Simply request to be added to my mentions list and I’ll be sure to notify you for future sessions.

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Ping me when you open 👍🏻

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Tag me when you are open! 👍

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Tag me when you open mate!

For the upcoming session or just in general?

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In general man…always up to fly to help!

Great, thanks!


In general as well

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Cool, I’ve added you to the list. Thanks!

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Tag me aswell! Only from 0000Z - 0900Z.

Okay, are you available 0400Z for the session posted above?

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Yes, I am but only on weekends. I am flying right now because I am sick cough

Oh okay, thanks!

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Anyone available?

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I am available right now!

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I meant for the session at 0400.

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It’s in about 10 hours right?

9 hours and 3 minutes