AviationChampion - 4 Years in IFATC!

Hello IFC Users,

With the new year and all, this would make it my 4th year inside of IFATC throughout the 3 times I’ve joined total. That being said, I would like to give honorable mentions to those who have helped me throughout my journey all the up to now. When I first joined, we had to pick a certain ‘region’ and we were only allowed to control that region with the exception of a certain day which was Wednesday I believe? Either way, my first region was US East (so towards JFK, ATL, etc). I can’t say the regions were fun lol but regardless I still enjoyed the controlling aspect. Infinite Flight is slowly but surely coming out with really good improvements to the game including the clouds, 3D airports, drag and taxi, you name it. Could you imagine what Infinite Flight would be like if we had all of that back in 2021? I’ve met plenty of kind people within the team itself, and some of them helped me with building DHL Express Virtual later on as well as Spirit Virtual.

I’m glad to have had the following people and the many others who made me feel welcome into the community, not only in IFATC but in Infinite Flight as a whole.

@Hornet11 @ToasterStroodie @WesleyHenrich @Antoine_Turrian

  • First off I’d like to give thanks to the amazing Recruiters & Trainers that I’ve had throughout the entire experience, and I hope others have been blessed to have them. Most recently, I made it as the 183rd IFATC Officer with the help of Hornet with Radar training and mentoring. Should’ve seen his response when I told him I passed the practical lmao, Hornet was also my trainer for local controlling when I made my most recent reentry into the team around July to ensure I still remembered how everything was to be done. ToasterStroodie and WesleyHenrique were both my Recruiters just each at seperate times, and I attempted radar training with @Antoine_Turrian but I had other things going on ultimately leading to canceling radar training during that time.

As for others who I feel thankful for:

Other people I recognize 🫶


Looking forward to a really good year, let’s make it one! 🥂


Congratulations for 4 years!

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