Aviation3’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A Practical passes mods can close!

Not sure about flying today as I am flying to KLAX on Expert from SPJC on expert. But yesterday you did well. Especially when I wanted straight out departure and you said remaining in the pattern but quickly realised you were wrong and corrected yourself :)

Ok I will be open most of the day so feel free to stop by if you can. Thank you for the feedback :)

I am coming in

I have to go I’ll be back and I’ll tag you.


Let me know when back.

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Open at LEVC come and do some patterns. Feedback is helpful :)

@Gopisreekanth_Chukka @shat @BinaryChess @Louverture.EU @Ondrej

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Doing ATC myself now :)


Stop by and do some patterns I am open at LEVC

@Ondrej @BinaryChess @Louverture.EU @Gopisreekanth_Chukka @shat

Hi @Aviation3,
I was N428OP today at LEVC doing a few patterns. Here is some feedback:

  • Good job on giving the landing clearances on the crosswind/early downwind legs. Being proactive with that makes your job much easier when it gets busier.
  • I initially requested Pushback but was not necessary for 2 reasons: Jets don’t pushback and I was at a ramp position that actually has the aircraft maneuver out of under it’s own power so pushback would no be necessary for any aircraft in that particular position. When you start controlling, I would recommend you check for any of those types of ramps so that you can sent a taxi instruction instead of a pushback. See this thread on the community (title is not mine) Taxi-out gates; Its not a difficult concept
  • Good job on acknowledging my final pattern but you forgot to give a runway exit instruction. Remember to watch aircraft in the pattern and issue an exit instruction if they appear to be stopping.

Keep up the good work!

Thank you. I initially saw you and gave you the pushback and realized you didn’t need it after. :)

I’m open at KSMF. I am practicing for my practical, so please stop by. Feedback after the session would be nice :)

@BinaryChess @Gopisreekanth_Chukka @shat


Firstly, good luck with the continuation of your IFATC recruitment and — more specifically — your upcoming practical exam. My feedback begins below.

Complete Feedback from BAVA370


  1. The first thing on your frequency I did was request transition, after starting at a nearby airport. Sacramento International is a very low-lying airport with an elevation of 23ft, so approving my transition at 2,500ft was appropriate. However, do remember to usually round up to the nearest 500t if you’re unsure or if the airport is (let’s say) 100ft — and above — in elevation. Well done with that!
  2. You handled my ‘inbound for touch and go’ request well. Though I can’t speak for your sequencing ability (as I was the only person in the airspace), you gave me the correct pattern entry for the appropriate runway.
  3. This piece of feedback will come up again. You aren’t dangerously slow with your instructions (more specifically clearances), but you are unnecessarily delayed. I was on the downwind phase of my pattern by the time I heard any clearance. However slow, it was correct; you gave me a direction correctly. Well done, just be a bit quicker. You can clear people on the crosswind leg of their pattern. With empty airspace, it isn’t much of an issue, but when you’re concentrating on multiple aircraft (as you will at your upcoming practical exam), delaying your commands just makes more work for you.
  4. Well done with the handling of my second pattern at 16R. The clearance was a bit slow, again, however, technique and commands were technically perfect.
  5. After my second pattern at 16R, I requested a runway change to 16L. Usually, one would expect to enter a left downwind for 16L — especially in empty airspace. I often send people right for a left runway when the pattern is busy or there is a conflict between the aircraft and the usually appropriate direction. There was no conflict and an empty pattern this time. It wasn’t wrong, it was just confusing. Once again, the clearance was a bit slow — but faster than before.
  6. Well done for noticing I had lined up with the wrong runway! Excellent work… and, well done for remembering to give me a traffic direction.
  7. On my first 16L pattern, I performed a stop and go. You handled this well and correctly… by doing nothing! I stopped, on purpose, right next to a runway exit but you remembered, rightly so, that “the option” covers everything and noticed what I was doing. Never give an exit command if someone is cleared for the option unless they’re turning for the exit.
  8. When I later informed you I was on a left downwind leg for a “full stop,” you cleared me for the option. If you had cleared me for the option before I informed you of my full stop intentions, a “roger” would’ve been enough. However, this time, I should’ve just been cleared to land.
  9. I managed to slow to about 35kn before receiving an exit command. This is alright when there is no aircraft in the air space, let alone on final, let alone on short final. However, in your upcoming practical, you may not have such liberty. Remember, you can tell an aircraft to exit — usually — below 60kn (an acceptably controlled speed). Note: that doesn’t mean, as soon as a prop-plane at 60kn touches down you tell them to exit. I was in an A318 and could’ve been told to leave sooner and must be if I was in your busier practical.
  10. I exited the runway and contacted Ground as told to do so. Then, I sent you a “ready to taxi” request. However, you told me to “taxi to parking.” Remember, the request I sent always means I want to go to an active runway. I had to request a specific runway (16L) before you correctly issued me with a “taxi to [runway].”
  11. Upon receiving my request for a frequency change, you correctly told me I had “already been instructed to change frequency.” Well done!
  12. I managed to do a rather major runway incursion with both my engines across the hold-short line of 16L. As much as a nose wheel can be a runway incursion and I should’ve been reminded of my lack of runway clearance. You did not notice this despite the fact I stayed there for a few seconds with no intentions.
  13. When I did request takeoff, I received a clearance promptly. Well done.
  14. Even though you knew I was “departing straight out” and I “request[ed] departure to the south,” you kept me on frequency for quite a while. If there is not a conflict between me and other aircraft (the airspace was empty), get rid of me.

All in all, that was some very good controlling. Just work on removing the, what seems to be a rather casual attitude, and delay with your ‘final commands’ (e.g. frequency change approved, cleared for the option, etcetera). Also, brush up on your ground handling theory too.

Once again, I wish you the very best of luck with your upcoming practical exam. You’ll be a good addition to IFATC!



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Thank you @patrickv

Hey! Please tag me again next time and I’ll do my best to attend.

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I am opening at @LEMD in 5 minutes and practicing for my practical. Please give me different scenarios and not just pattern work :)

@CPT_Colorado @Gopisreekanth_Chukka @Ondrej @shat @BinaryChess @TaipeiGuru @CaptainLeo1


Will join too ;) Are you still open for a while ?

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How long will ya be open for?

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I have to cut it short guys. I’m sorry. I have to do a zoom meeting that I forgot about. I will open up later today and tag everyone again

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Hello, jet speed 585 here

  • I talked through 2 patches of grass only 1 was caught by you
  • I had a late runway exit
    That is about it wonderful session thanks for having me
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That was really good. Ground was good you noticed I was heading for the wrong runway, noticed that I taxied through grass and my runway incursion. To reiterate a good job, good luck for your practical! 😊

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