Aviation3’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A Practical passes mods can close!

Hi @Aviation3,
I was N428OP today at LEVC doing a few patterns. Here is some feedback:

  • Good job on giving the landing clearances on the crosswind/early downwind legs. Being proactive with that makes your job much easier when it gets busier.
  • I initially requested Pushback but was not necessary for 2 reasons: Jets don’t pushback and I was at a ramp position that actually has the aircraft maneuver out of under it’s own power so pushback would no be necessary for any aircraft in that particular position. When you start controlling, I would recommend you check for any of those types of ramps so that you can sent a taxi instruction instead of a pushback. See this thread on the community (title is not mine) Taxi-out gates; Its not a difficult concept - #12 by anon2063420
  • Good job on acknowledging my final pattern but you forgot to give a runway exit instruction. Remember to watch aircraft in the pattern and issue an exit instruction if they appear to be stopping.

Keep up the good work!