Aviation3’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A Practical passes mods can close!

When I am open at an airport I will be operating Tower/Ground. My main focus is to prepare for the practical test.

At the end of the sessions please feel free to give me feedback :)

        I am currently closed


Feel free to tag me when open!

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I am open at LEVC. Anyone feel free to stop by.

Invites: @TaipeiGuru @BinaryChess @Gopisreekanth_Chukka @shat @TRDubh
@James_Follette @Populeux_Music @TimShan05 @Ondrej
After the session please leave feedback. :)


Now on Chinese classes, cant now sorry

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Could you stop by after?

Will try mate!

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Can do later. Might test you a little bit. 😎

Ok tell me when you show up :)

I rarely join ATC. No need to tag me because I’m busy :)

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Alo! Just flew with a Cessna Caravan! Here is some feedback, thanks for controlling!!

  • I requested for pushback, but with a GA aircraft you cannot do a pushback, so you should’ve said to me to TAXI to xx RWY.
  • When I requested frequency change (to tower) you gave me the tower frequency. However, the correct way should’ve been using the “Duplicate frequency” command.
  • When I was crosswind you said no.2 traffic to follow on final, however, the pilot was on left base.
  • When I reported my position you said roger. But didn’t clear me for the option… Even when I reported my position on left base. Please clear the pilot/aircraft on crosswind if they do patterns. (sequence -> clear)
  • When I was doing my last leg, you forgot to give me an “RWY exit” command.

Ok thank you for the valuable feedback. I hope you can stop by next time :) would the correct command have been traffic to follow is on left base?


The session was overall very productive, I suppose do you want feedback, no?

Yes that would be nice

In the thread or by PM?

PM is fine

Will PM you shortly!

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I am now open at PHNG feel free to hop in and do some pattern work. Feedback would be nice after the session:)

I need a few people as I am practicing for my test :)

Ah, I’m around now ;/

All good. I’ll open up tomorrow. :)

Please stop by and do some pattern work at LEVC. Feedback would be helpful after the session :)

@Ondrej @BinaryChess @Louverture.EU @shat @Gopisreekanth_Chukka