Aviation2929's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ OMDB

Hello. On my route to being IFATC I am going to be opening at OMDB. Please come
I need to work on sequencing, so please change runways


  • please do patterns and switch runways
  • Use the 30s

I just took the practice test and need to work on inbound aircraft and sequences

Status 🔴


Airport 🛩


Server ♾


Thanks to @Mafiaviation for the template

the other one I could not edit

I’ll come soon

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Understood @Frontier_18_YT

we are now closed

Ah , I was about to come in , I’ll catch you next time

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I’m might be open in 15

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I’ll go ahead and open @ KOAK

I unfortunately can’t come now but if your open later today I will pop by.

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ok, sure…

Hey, I will pop by for a little while

Same here. Spawning in now.

Closed up.

Feedback from G-BTYT

No need for the go around call, there wasn’t anything obstructing my landing and it was perfectly fine to land

Again there was no need for the slowest practical speed command during my pattern.

When I changed to runway 28L, you need to specify the direction that I need to fly after my touch and go, the use of “cleared for the option, after the option, make left traffic” must be used in these circumstances

You have pretty much got the hang of the pattern entry, sequence and clear for pattern work though, so good work !

If you have any questions you are free to drop me a PM 😁

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Open at KDFW

Coming soon

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Ill be waiting ;)

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Taking a break. Trolls spotted

We are now closed.
Thanks @American634 and @Pat-Ojalla for coming. Please exprees your feedback below. And to anyone else who came

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Open @ KDFW!