Aviation2929's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [PASSED WRITTEN] [PRACTIAL PASSED!]

Hello all!

I have a journey to become IFATC and I would love if you came to the tread!


  • please do patterns and switch runways
  • Use 4s and 8s

Status 🔴


Airport 🛩


Server ♾



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@Captain_Cign @IF787 @MJP_27 @EdCruz @Gritz @Aviation2929 @Mazyad @BritishAirways001 @Marcel001 @Josh_Smith @Ocean1c @Alejandro_Castaneda @Derek_McCauley @Stellar_G @USA_ATC @LHardy64 @Henry @Fung_Sum-sum @GBKarp @Infiniteflightusa @LordZakCreaser @KBUR_Aviation @JasonG @Mukundan_Srivatsa @Liam06 @Philippe_Gilbert @Shafran @LavernDavisJr1 @Charles_S @WingContact @Janmesh @CrisYe @Jaylan_Brown @CaptainZac @Dalmo_cabral @JetSuperior5192 @MJP_27 @Z-Tube @ToasterStroodie @Cameron_M @IF787 @Captain-787 @Nee @Thomas_G @1MASYBTGS @CaptainZac @Shane @Grizpac @SierraHotel @Grizpac @bbrockairbus @Flightistic @Butter_Boi @Kamryn @Rhys_V
@Airborne_Canuck @Stef_Smet @Sammi_Starlight
Now open at PHNL

Practicing (getting warmed up) for my training session

Sorry for the multiple pings, old thread got old and would not let me edit

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Please continue editing on the thread you created

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That one I can not edit it

I flagged that one for closure

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Soon I’m taking my practical. I may open up but I’m not sure

Hope see you soon in the Team!! ;)

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I’m in IFATC now! I’ve passed my practical!


@Aviation2929 OMG CONGRATS!!! I’m So Happy For U Dude!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
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Congrats on passing @Aviation2929

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Congrats, and welcome to the Team, ;)

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