Aviation2929's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ LXGB

Hello. On my route to being IFATC I am going to be opening Lxgb tower/ground . hope you can stop by and tell me if I need to improve anything.
here is the diagram


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Hey! Nice to see you practicing for IFATC. You already have a thread open, so there is no need for 2 🙂. Just reply to your old thread with the new info. Thanks!

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Ok thank you all for coming and I realised I made a mistake. When an aircraft requested a change to runway 5R. I said enter right downwind instead of left downwind

Hey there, I was N458WU!

Overall, you did a great job! There was just two things I noticed that’s worth mentioning.

  • After each landing clearance, you don’t need to issue a “make left/right traffic” for every clearance. If the aircraft in already in the pattern, you don’t need to issue it again. You only use the command if the aircraft in entering the pattern, or you want the aircraft to turn in the opposite direction of the pattern.
  • Like you said, you told me to enter right downwind when I requested a runway change. It would have just been more efficient if I stayed on left downwind.

Again, you did an amazing job! Good luck becoming IFATC!

Also, along what IF787 said, continue using your original tracking thread in the future…

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Ok, thank you. For the first one I was wondering that.

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we are now open @ KDFW. Come along and hop abroad. runways in use 36L, 36R, 35L, 35C, 35R, 31L,31R. ATC preferred runways 36R, 35L. I also have proffered stars

Thank you @ZZ678 for coming

Open now!!!