Aviation2929’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ OMDB

Hello all!

I have a journey to become IFATC and I would love if you came to the tread!


  • please do patterns and switch runways
  • Use the 12s side

Status 🔴


Airport 🛩


Server ♾




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On my way!

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I’m getting set up now

can i come?

I will come now

@FlyIf_0011IFPA @Mo_Alz sorry I’m now closed

@CaptainN i realized I forgot you were in a tbm and forgot you can’t pushback



• I requested pushback in a tbm, an aircraft which can not push back, so instead of giving me pushback approved you should have given me taxi to RWY7R

• Nice job on the duplicate freq change!

• On my first pattern you cleared me and said ‘after the option make right traffic’ this command was not needed because you told me to make right traffic when I took off, it is only needed for inbound aircraft or runway changes

• Nice job on the rwy change!

• I sat on the runway on purpose to see how you would deal with @anon67724595, and you gave him a go around which was the right thing to do, well done!

Not a bad session overall but a few things to improve on, thanks for having me!

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You are welcome.

Thanks for coming!

Feedback from YMCA

Everything was handled perfectly. I have nothing to tell you, or even to recommend you. You gave me the right instructions at the most relevant moment. Congratulations!

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Thank you!

Tag me next session

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Hey, I couldn’t make it to that session, I’m sorry

Feel free to tag me next time :D

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@Captain_Cign @IF787 @MJP_27 @EdCruz @Gritz @Aviation2929 @Mazyad @BritishAirways001 @Marcel001 @Josh_Smith @Ocean1c @Alejandro_Castaneda @Derek_McCauley @Stellar_G @USA_ATC @LHardy64 @Henry @Fung_Sum-sum @GBKarp @Infiniteflightusa @LordZakCreaser @KBUR_Aviation @JagroGaming @Mukundan_Srivatsa @Liam06 @Philippe_Gilbert @Shafran @LavernDavisJr1 @Charles_S @WingContact @Janmesh @CrisYe @Jaylan_Brown @CaptainZac @Dalmo_cabral @Captain-787 @Z-Tube @ToasterStroodie @Ethan_Lee1 @Cameron_M @IF787 @Captain-787 @Nee @Thomas_G @1MASYBTGS @CaptainZac @ShaneAviation @SierraHotel

Now open at OMDB


A long time… ahahah sorry. I can’t attend till 25th may

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