Aviation YouTube channels

I do know that GeminiJets2000 has some pretty good trip reports and model airport updates as well

Highh Pressure Aviation and VAS aviation

We follow the same people but I would have more to add to the list.

Plane Old Ben, fATPL at the moment.

SANspotter is good.but as others have said Sam Chui is easily the best

Jeb brooks even though he is not as active as some people are. If you don’t want people talking. I recommend QFS aviation as he has done every airline I can think of. He even reports on NetJets. Also nonstop Dan is a favorite of mine.

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@Swiss of coarse! (Not All just his Ryanair trip report for 15 Pounds)

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I like Captain Joe, aviation 101, and DJ’s aviation.

@Swiss, Simply Aviation, Sam Chui, and a lot more!

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QFS Aviation, Jeb Brooks, Swayne Martin and the Mentor Pilot are one of the best aviation channels in my opinion. Their work is astounding.

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Even though Matt is primarily an ATL spotter, his trip reports are really funny 😂.

This is a playlist from the user: The Elevator Channel. I sent the playlist because he primarily posts elevators and some train stuff (I think) but his trip reports are very entertaining.

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This is very good flight report channel

My faves are Sam Chui, Nonstopdan, Jeb Brooks, and Paul Lucas

My own channel (has a few Trip Reports):

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Really cool!

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Thanks! Trying to hit 100 subs this year 😉

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I’ve got a couple of trip reports and reviews right now:

  • American Airlines’ A321neo in First Class and Main Cabin Extra PHX-ANC-PHX
  • American Airlines 737-800 Business Class PHL-SXM
  • American Airlines MD-80 Main Cabin Extra OMA-DFW
  • American Eagle First Class LAX-OMA
  • And a few others.

I currently have American Airlines’ 787-9 Business Class from Los Angeles to Tokyo planned next followed by EVA Air’s A330 in Economy Class from Tokyo to Taipei.

I also post aviation news from time to time as well.

I personally enjoy Aeronautical Ashutosh’s videos.
Link: www.youtube.com/c/Ashutoshsahu

I would suggest Steven1kinevo who flies yes the same TBM that we have N851TB and flies around in Florida in his TBM and sometimes other various types of aircraft

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