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Hey IFC,
I’ve recently asked for feedback for my website but it hasn’t been successful so now I’m going to try a different approach (pun not intended).
My website has the following subjects/pages:

  • Intro
  • FAQs
  • Real life aviation/pilots
  • Real life aviation news
  • Real life aircraft recognition
  • Infinite flight
  • Infinite flight news/updates
  • Infinite flight tutorials for pilots
  • Infinite flight tutorials for ATC
  • Abbreviations
  • Notes/about the author

Is there anything you think I should add?

What is the name of your website? I’d love to give it a look so I can make some suggestions and hopefully be helpful.

Refer to his bio :)

Yes sorry, it’s in my bio.

These are thing that we already do. So I think that would be unfair to us.

Our team is currently working on this with our Flight academy.

So at the end of the day we don’t mind someone creating a website with these things, but just remember, that we are also here.


The IFC is very good at giving real-world information and updates regarding their own creations. What I think would help you more is to perhaps get rid of those ideas, as they are generic and you can find that information here and rather put in the time to make something unique. Instead of most of it turning towards Infinite Flight, how about what you have to ask about aviation. You can write your own blogs, make a topic where you ask your own aviation-related questions and have someone answer them, or even interview people in the aviation community who aren’t just devs or regulars, but IG pilots and engineers on a topic you want to do.

My main message here is to do you and be unique. Sure maybe IF is who you are, but the IFC is already that itself. So go for something that is out of the box you may have never seen. ;) I hope to see your website become successful in the future!

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