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I am looking for youtube channels, where people fly on different airlines and shows how the airline is ( Like SamChui ) anyone who can help?

Happy Landings

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I think he wants airline reviews…

I recommend Nonstop Dan

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I like Casey Neistat, even though he mostly vlogs about his life, his airline reviews are great.


I personally really enjoy FlightExperince. (I have also done two Trip Reports on my YouTube channel Aviation - 21 😂)

here you have two channels that I see.
I leave you some random videos in case you want to take a look


Or, just simply search up Airline Reviews or Flight Reviews on YouTube!

Chek Out simply Aviation and onboard HD

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(Self Promotion Time)

I make content like (DJs Aviation)

Like Othman said, Simply Aviation is what your looking for 👍

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I would recommend Simply Aviation. Here’s why:

  • He’s really basic and to the point
  • Uploads quality videos very often
  • Does a variety of trip reports across different parts of the world.

If you are into commercial aviation, enjoy travelling on aircrafts and would like to see how a particular flight you booked may be, this is the channel for you.

Here is one of his videos which I, personally liked:

He is uploading every day this month, you might wanna take a look. Hope you enjoy watching him! :)

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