Aviation TV Shows

Hello everyone! Today, I bring you a topic on aviation TV shows. Now, some people might think that aviation is not a popular subject for tv broadcasters to cover. But over the last nearly 70 years, there’s been over 100 TV shows covering some sort of topic related to aviation. Some shows have come to be very popular at least here in the US. A couple of those shows are: Airplane Repo (2010) and Air Disasters (2011) If you know a tv show that still airs today, please add it to the list below.
(Please add the channel it airs on and when the show first aired to your show)

  1. Airplane Repo (Discovery, 2010)
  2. Air Disasters (Smithsonian, 2011)
  3. Air Crash Investigation (NatGeo, 2011)
  4. Ultimate Airport Dubai (2013)
  5. Bush Pilots (NatGeo, 2015)
  6. Terror in the Skies (Smithsonian Channel, 2013)
  7. City in the Sky (BBC, 2016)
  8. X-Ray Mega Airport (Smithsonian, 2015)
  9. Why Planes Crash (Weather Channel, 2009)
  10. Ice Pilots (History Channel, Weather Channel 2010)
  11. Jay Jay the Jet Plane (for the little ones😉)
  12. A very British airline (BBC two, 2014)
  13. Dogfights (History Channel, 2006)
  14. EasyJet, Inside the Cockpit (ITV, 2017)
  15. Flying Wild Alaska (Discovery, 2011)
  16. Worst Place To Be a Pilot (IMDB, 2014)
  17. The Secret Life Of The Long Haul Flight (SBS, 2017)
  18. LA to Vegas (Fox, 2018)
  19. Air wolf (1980s)
  20. Ready For Takeoff (2016)
  21. Come Fly with Me (2010)

Btw, this is a continuation of the first topic around 2 years ago.

Which is your favorite show? Comment below!


Air Crash Investigators. I think it’s on National Geographic


Airplane Repo was a great one. Still remember the episode of the private jet in Florida.


Ultimate Airport Dubai? National Geographic
Aswell as Bush Pilots
Though I think that may be South African exclusively.


Terror in the skies was a good one back in 2013

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City in The Sky from BBC.

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Jay Jay the Jet Plane must be Added to this list.


X-Ray mega airport Frankfurt on NatGeo(I think)

@Wattsup_jet make the post a wiki ;)

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Airplane Repo is fake. a friend of ours the repo dude asked him if he could “repo” his plane they set up a time and place then he flew it to another nearby airport then gave it back.

It is a wiki. I accidentally edited not to be for about 30 seconds. It should work now.

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the piper cub episode is my friends plane

I’m actually watching Airplane repo now! Lol.

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ya thats the fakest show ever lol

Why Planes Crash (the weather channel)


Oh yah! Now that’s a great show!

It actually is not fake.

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It is actually. The piper cub in one of the episodes was my friends who the asked to borrow for the show

Can you guys continue this on a PM? Thanks.


Ice Pilots (History Channel / Channel 4 (UK) / Netflix)

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I completely agree on jay jay the jet plane