Aviation TV channels?

I was just wondering if there are any TV channels out there that have shows mainly about aviation I don’t know if this would help but I have direct TV

There’s Smithsonian it has some good aviation shows like Air Disasters, Terror in the skies, Alaska Air crash Investigation, Missing Evidence, and Mega-Xray-Airport.


Smithsonian. They’re not purely aviation but they have lots of shows, mini-series, and specials.

Science channel has some too but not as frequent. Last night they aired scariest landings caught on video and a 2 hr. documentary on the 727 crash test

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Air Crash Investigations 100%, they’ve got good CGI. (Video Below)

And it has a good variety of crashes.

Check and keep updated with the latest season, coming out in May!


CBS has 20 minute shows of Air Disasters

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In the UK January is when the new season comes out 😂

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I like to watch it on the National Geographic Channel

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YouTube has a lot of aviation documentaries.

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